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Mickey Rourke signs a new action film titled Section Eight |

Mickey Rourke has officially signed to be in Section Eight, a new action film from director Christian Sesma. Sesma is an experienced action director best known for films like salary and The night shift. The news comes from Variety, which confirms that the film is showing to distributors within the American Film Market.

Mickey Rourke Joins All-Star Cast For Section Eight

The film would follow a former soldier who ends up in prison after seeking violent revenge on the people who murdered his family. After his release from prison, a dark government agency recruits him for a mission. In addition to Mickey Rourke, also joining the cast of Section Eight are Dolph Lundgren, Scott Adkins, Ryan Kwanten, Dermot Mulroney and Justin Furstenfeld. Justin Furstenfeld is the lead singer of alternative rock band Blue October and will make his acting debut in this film.

Mickey Rourke Section Eight

It is currently unclear what role Mickey Rourke will play in Section Eight. The script for the film comes from screenwriters Chad Law and Josh Ridgway. Law’s previous writing credits include The list of successes and Black water. Ridgeway wrote scripts for The area and Howler. Section Eight will be the second film they have collaborated on, having previously co-written Crossfire together.

Producer Brandon Burrows has expressed his enthusiasm for Mickey Rourke to join the cast of Section Eight. In an exclusive statement to Variety, Burrows said that “Mickey’s raw energy and unique style is a great addition to Section Eight.”

The American film market ends

The news of Mickey Rourke’s addition to Section Eight comes right after the conclusion of the American Film Market. During the virtual festival, The Exchange, a sales agent, sold the film to international markets. There is no current news on the fate of the film. However, the film will likely gain a distributor soon.