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Michael Keaton’s underrated action movie blows up streaming

When most actors enter their sixties, they largely resign themselves to the fact that their future will be based on supporting roles that don’t require much more than wearing costumes and delivering an exhibition. Based on recent evidence, however, Michael keaton I did not receive this memo.

The star may have turned 70 last month, but over the past few years he’s been dipping his toes into action cinema with increasing regularity, and it is all set to peak in November of next year when it comes down to it. will dress up as Batman for the first time in 30 years as part of Flash.

The RoboCop remake, Need of speed, Spider-Man: Homecoming and American assassin saw him play in the pyrotechnic sandbox to varying degrees, but it’s this year The protected which sees him deliver undoubtedly his best trick of the genre.

the protected

Realized by Golden eye and Casino Royaleby Martin Campbell, Keaton plays the sleazy Michael Rembrandt, who comes face to face with the unstoppable threat of Maggie Q’s assassin Anna Dutton as she embarks on a mission of revenge.

Despite the 28-year age gap, the sparks between the two are undeniable, with their crackling chemistry perfectly punctuating a series of tense verbal exchanges and hard-hitting physical punches. The protected sank without a trace in theaters after making just over $ 8 million at the box office, but it’s finding new life in streaming as one of the ten most popular titles on Amazon, according to FlixPatrol.