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Mega Man Live-Action Movie Coming to Netflix

It’s been a while since there’s been an update, but it looks like the live-action film adaptation of Capcom’s video game franchise mega man of writing and directing duo Henry Joost and Ariel ‘Rel’ Schulman (Paranormal activity 3) is heading to Netflix.

The news came from an update from Joost and Schulman’s production company, Supermarket, on his upcoming work, which reads: “Henry, Rel and their in-house producer Orlee-Rose Strauss maintain a list of active development. Features in the works include: an adaptation of Capcom’s MEGA MAN for Chernin Entertainment and Netflix, which they wrote and are directing. »

A live action mega man the film has been in active development for some time. Joost and Schulman were first attached in 2017 for 20th Century Fox, but that seemed to languish and when Disney bought 20th Century, there was no telling what might happen to the film. Last year, Mattson Tomlin (The Batman) was hired to write the script, but now, with the update that they’ll be writing the movie, it’s unclear if they’re starting from scratch or rewriting Tomlin’s script.

Capcom has previously said it hopes to create a film “to appeal to a diverse audience, including not only gamers but also action movie fans, with an adaptation that maintains the world of mega man games, while incorporating the high production and entertainment value that Hollywood movies are known for.

the mega man launched on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1987, and has since spawned over 50 games, including eleven in the main series, selling over 35 units worldwide and inspiring several anime series in the franchise.


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