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Matrix Director Praises Multiverse Action Movie Everywhere

Lily Wachowski, who wrote and directed the Matrix trilogy with her sister Lana, praised Daniels’ new film, Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Co-writer and co-director of the original Matrix trilogy, Lily Wachowski, revealed that she was able to see a preview screening of the new film from A24 Everything everywhere all at once and praised the film’s message. Everywhere is a sci-fi comedy action film written and directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known collectively as the Daniels, which began to critical acclaim after its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 11. Hong Kong action star Michelle Yeoh (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings) as Evelyn Wang in a story that combines martial arts and multiverse travel as Evelyn taps into the memories and skills of alternate versions of herself.

This film shares some similarities with that of Lily Wachowski Matrix trilogy, which combined sci-fi with martial arts and created a new type of action movie that even had the actors learn wire-fu, a stylized version of Kung Fu used in Hong’s action movies Kong. Wachowski was noticeably absent from the production of the last Matrix film, The Matrix: Resurrections, which was directed and co-written by his sister Lana Wachowski. When asked about her absence of the Matrix sequel, Lily Wachowski said she wanted to take a break from filming back-to-back movies, reconnect with herself as an artist, and recover from emotionally draining events. She began a comeback in the industry by writing for the 2019-2021 comedy series Work in progress on Showtime.

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Now, Lily Wachowski took to Twitter to brag about seeing a “projection of fancy pants” of Everything everywhere all at once last week at the Davis Theater neighborhood in Chicago, IL. She praised the action movie Kung Fu, proclaiming that now was the perfect time for a movie like this that “ruminates on the fight against nihilism and despair.” Check out Lily Wachowski’s recent tweet below:

Prior to this film, Daniels made his film debut with Swiss army man in 2016, which was met with mixed reviews. Audiences weren’t quite sure how to react to a film starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe as a man stranded on an island and a bloated corpse. However, Wachowski’s review gives hope that this film will be a visual treat and a soothing balm for a society in turmoil. His phrasing from the film being “super nutritioussuggests that the film will have audiences walk out of the theater in a state of contentment rather than confusion as it did with Swiss army man.

The film is moving from a limited release that began March 25 to a wide release on April 8 that will allow even more people to witness Daniels’ unique creation of Everywhere which even features Jamie Lee Curtis with hot dog hands. The film’s colorful trailers and posters have made it clear that this film is unlike anything audiences have seen before. Reviews like Wachowski’s can inspire people who may have been hesitant to see such a bold original film to experience it in theaters. When film and TV are still mostly filled with reboots, sequels, and IPs, delivering wholly original and creative experiences such as Everything everywhere all at once a shot.

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