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Man sentenced for murdering neighbor in ‘horror movie’

Can Arslan drives to the home of Peter Marsden in Gloucestershire, followed by off-duty police officer Steve Wilkinson. (PENNSYLVANIA)

A man who stabbed his neighbor to death on his lawn after a long-running feud has been jailed for life.

Matthew Boorman, 43, died after being stabbed 27 times by Can Arslan, 52, after returning from work on October 5 last year.

Arslan had denied murder, saying his diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder reduced the offense to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, but was found guilty after a trial at Bristol Crown Court.

He admitted to wounding Mr Boorman’s wife, Sarah, whom he stabbed in the leg as she tried to pull him away from her husband, and the attempted murder of another neighbour, Peter Marsden.

The victims had filed a lawsuit against Arslan in an attempt to have him evicted from the estate.

Matthew Boorman was killed by his neighbor (PA)

Matthew Boorman was killed by his neighbor. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Imprisoning Arslan for life with a minimum sentence of 38 years, Mrs Justice Cutts said: ‘This afternoon, for no reason, you killed a decent family man, stole his children from their father, his wife from her husband , and his mother and the siblings of a much loved son and brother.

Arslan was also given concurrent sentences of 20 years for the attempted murder of Mr Marsden, six years for injuring Ms Boorman and 16 months for a fight.

Judge Cutts said: ‘You showed no guilt or remorse at any time during Mr Boorman’s death – rather you were telling the psychiatrists who examined you before your trial that he deserved to die.

“You continued to make threats to your neighbors from prison. You are undoubtedly a very dangerous man.

“I see no mitigation in your case. I recognize that you suffer from a personality disorder, this did not diminish your responsibility for what happened, you acted in a rational and controlled manner throughout this terrible incident and you understood the consequences of your actions.

Arslan had threatened neighbors in Walton Cardiff, near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, for 12 years, and was charged with harassment just a week before the murder.

On May 13 last year, Mr Boorman – who was a father of three – revealed in a statement that he feared for his safety and that of his family.

He said: ‘I am very concerned that he made reference in his conversations to missing from prison and wanting to be arrested.

“I sincerely fear that his conversation is meant to be heard by us, to let us know that he is not afraid of the police, that he is ready to go to prison and that upon his release he will not won’t forget the incident.

“I also think he’s trying to intimidate us into not reporting to the police. I am very afraid of what Mr. Arslan can do.

A policeman had phoned Arslan about a complaint he had filed the day before the attack.

Another angle of Can Arslan and off-duty cop Steve Wilkinson (PA)

Another angle from Can Arslan and off-duty cop Steve Wilkinson. (PENNSYLVANIA)

During the call, Arslan verbally abused the officer and told him he would take care of his neighbor himself, adding “I’m going to murder him”.

After killing Mr Boorman, Arslan forced his way into the house of another neighbour, Mr Marsden, and stabbed him eight times.

Mr Marsden said Arslan had ‘bullied, abused and threatened’ his family for 12 years, but it had worsened since 2018 following an alleged scratch on the defendant’s wife’s car.

He also said, “He told me he was crazy and had murdered people before and would do it again.”

Although Arslan admitted to the attempted murder of Mr Marsden, causing grievous bodily harm to Ms Boorman and a charge of brawling, he denied murdering Mr Boorman.

Instead, he claimed he was guilty of manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility.

These allegations were rejected by the jury who found him guilty of murder.

Arslan was then remanded to the secure Broadmoor Hospital until sentencing.

The whole incident was caught on camera in detail by the neighborhood’s many CCTV and doorbell cameras.

Mr Marsden was one such neighbor who felt pressured by threats to install several expensive security upgrades, including a CCTV system with triple recording locations.

This resulted in Arslan being the subject of an injunction, at the time of the murder, which prohibited him from threatening or abusing his neighbours.

Following his unanimous conviction at Bristol Crown Court, Mr Boorman’s sister, Sarah Elston, spoke.

Mugshot of Can Arslan (PA)

Electronic photo by Can Arslan. (PENNSYLVANIA)

She said: “We will never be the same without him, but as we move on and learn to get along without him, we fight on his behalf to expose not only the wickedness and cruelty of the man who did that, but also the flaws in the system that allowed it to happen.

“The police and other authorities had been informed of the dangerousness of this man, the threats he had made and the risks he posed. The response was toothless and ineffectual, even when the defendant himself told police he was going to murder Matthew.

“But Matthew’s story doesn’t have to end here. We all have to wonder why this could have happened and how things could have gotten this far. Mistakes were made. »