Horror movie

Low-budget horror movie gems that flew under the radar in 2021

If you’ve ever doubted that Megan Fox could direct and dominate a pretty serious horror / thriller, this is her chance to prove you wrong. In SK Dale’s first film, Fox plays Emma, ​​a young woman stuck in an unhappy marriage that makes her life miserable. She has an affair with her husband’s business partner, Tom (Aml Ameen), but decides to end it just before their wedding anniversary. For the special occasion, Emma’s husband Mark (Eoin Macken) takes her to the lake house in Westchester, which they used to visit frequently. There, the two reconcile after Mark asks for a second chance. Yet the next morning Emma finds herself handcuffed to her husband, who shoots himself in the head in front of her. Left to find a way out of this mess, she realizes that Mark knew about the case, and it’s his twisted revenge on her. Add to that a mad stalker from the past, and the recipe is complete for a cat and mouse game in the middle of nowhere during a freezing winter.

While the story is far from inventive, the script cleverly uses standard genre tropes. There is a suspense slowly brewing here, you turn the tension and fear into a bloody and entertaining battle. And at its center, Megan Fox is up to the task of carrying this film on her shoulders from start to finish without even flinching once.