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‘Love in the Villa’ is Netflix’s New Romance Movie – Watch the Trailer!

netflix released the trailer for their new romantic comedy, love at the villa.

Here is a synopsis of the film: Julie Hutton (Kat Graham) was always certain that if she waited long enough, she would be destined for a life of romance. She’s about to take her dream trip to Verona, Italy, and her boyfriend, Brandon, might even finally propose. So no one is more blindsided than Julie when Brandon suddenly breaks up with her, leaving her to embark alone for the city of love. After all, she’s been planning this trip to Verona for years. When she arrives at La Villa Romantica, Julie is surprised that her rental is already occupied by Charlie (Tom Hopper), a handsome but hostile British man who is in town for business – and not for pleasure at all. For Charlie, his annual stay at the villa is purely pragmatic: the villa is conveniently located near the wine fair he attends while working for London’s largest wine importer. Neither has committed to a roommate for the week, but Julie and Charlie are reluctantly forced to share the villa due to a mix-up. Always optimistic, Julie ends up trying to make the best of the situation and sees that, perhaps, fate still has a plan for her. tom’s wife Laura is also in the film!

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The film will be released on Netflix on September 1.