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Live-action Superboy movie reportedly in the works at DC

It’s unclear which Superboy is going to hit the big screen for this movie, Jonathan Kent or Connor Kent, but a lot of fans already know the difference between them and why it would matter. Jonathan Kent is actually the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, while Connor is the clone of Clark Kent, which sort of raises the debate about who would be stronger and who would have the most control over their power. It stands to reason that Connor might be the best Superboy to use just because he’s more experienced and knows how to use his powers a little more responsibly, unless of course the idea is to take a script and to write in Jonathan as a mature and controlled young man who has his act together and is able to fend for himself in a battle. In the long run, it all depends on the topic of the story, and as of now, it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of details.

For some time now, people have been waiting to hear a word about Man of Steel 2, but seeing as he’s been stuck in developmental hell for so long that he might never come out, Superboy seems like a move. logic. Sadly, it also feels like a move that could take a lot of fan confidence, as introducing a new character isn’t always a big deal about whether they’ll be accepted, but it can be nice. disastrous if used as a replacement for another character. Looks like Henry Cavill is done playing Superman for DC, and whether that’s true or not, it looks like the company is looking for a way to get things done with another character.

Superboy isn’t exactly a new character, but he hasn’t seen it on the big screen yet and on top of that, Superman has been a staple in the DC Universe for so long that he’s been trying to replace him or put a anyone else in getting things done is a risky proposition. It goes without saying that this will be something that will require the goodwill of the fans to be successful, because otherwise it feels too much like DC is doing what it can to avoid losing too many fans for lack of interest. It even seems silly to say, but at this point there is no need to seemingly risk it because without another Superman currently hooked up, it’s easy to assume that DC will want a hero to turn to in order to keep pushing it. idea of ​​Superman one way or another, and Superboy is probably the better choice. It’s quite interesting to wonder when DC will relieve heroes like Batman and Superman to promote others from its long and very comprehensive roster, as many fans would love to see other heroes and villains get shot.

Lately it looks like DC has been throwing hail left and right since the Snyder Cut was, for many fans, a bit of justice that was finally done, but for others it was an example of the wheels. squeaky getting fat. Wonder Woman 2 was a pretty big disappointment, which is why a lot of people haven’t talked about it all the time except for the teasing that happens every now and then. The issues with various stars and Warner Bros. didn’t help, and the fact that DC started out so awkwardly didn’t help when it comes to Batman vs. Superman, Man of Steel, and several other films. They’ve had their hits and flops, but Superboy already feels like something that’s not exactly desperation, but the hope that going in that direction will bring some of the luck they needed. A lot of people still compare DC’s disastrous start to the explosive MCU trail that’s been mapped out for over a decade now, and to be fair, there’s not much to compare since the MCU is doing its job and DC is doing its job. his.

But the hope is that Superboy will be a film of its own and at the same time help bolster DC’s current efforts to take another step forward as they attempt to bring another character into the cinematic fold. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the story as it continues to build, but until then it’s worth thinking about how this will be applied to the DC Universe and how it will affect other movies in the years to come if it does at all.