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Liam Neeson’s Most Criticized Action Movie Still Hits Streaming

Is The Age of Liam Neeson: Action Hero Finally Reaching a Natural Conclusion? Based on recent evidence, it’s starting to look like that.

The actor has claimed his running and shooting days are coming to an end on more than one occasion, and with his 70th birthday on the horizon, we might believe him this time. Sure, he still has several mid-budget thrillers in various stages of development and/or production, but we can only hope they turn out to be much better than Mark Williams’. Black light.

Not only does it rank as the lowest-rated actor in the leading man’s long Indian summer, it’s actually the worst movie of his entire career according to Rotten Tomatoes. No entry in Neeson’s back catalog scored lower than Black lightis 8% on the aggregation site, but fans can’t seem to get enough.

Picture: IMDb

Although it was heavily criticized by critics, Black lightThe user rating is 82% on RT. On top of that, the latest entry in the subgenre “Neeson wears a leather jacket while uncovering a conspiracy” grossed less than $11 million at the box office with a budget of $43 million, although nature oxymoronic film has now extended to streaming.

Black light could have failed in theaters, but according to FlixPatrol, it’s a Top 10 hit on Amazon. So there’s a gap between critics and fans, not to mention theatrical audiences and on-demand enthusiasts, which at least guarantees the film a unique place in Neeson’s canon, if not for all the right reasons.