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Jordan Peele Reveals Surprising Detail About New Horror Movie Nope

In a recent interview with Daniel Kaluuya, Jordan Peele reveals a new – and surprising – detail about his latest horror/sci-fi film, Nope.

Jordan Peele Reveals a Surprising New Detail About His Latest Film Nope. Written and directed by Peele, Nope marks the filmmaker’s third adventure in horror after get out and We. Nope tells the story of OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer), siblings who attempt to capture evidence of a UFO in the sky that has caused unexplained events in their small town. Steven Yeun, Brandon Perea and Barbie Ferreira also star in the highly anticipated film, which hits theaters this month.

With get out and WePeele had reinvented the wheel of horror films involving black protagonists, but the filmmaker is doing something different this time around with Nope. In a recent interview with EssencePeele explains to Kaluuya that he wanted Nope to be more than one”dark horror” film. Nope also had to talk about “black joyto be as relevant as possible, and it ties into real black history. Peele says:


It’s so tricky to be considered at the forefront of noir horror, because obviously noir horror is so real, and it’s hard to do it in a way that isn’t traumatic and sad. I was going into my third horror film featuring black protagonists, and somewhere in the process I realized that the film also had to be about black joy, in order to meet what the world needs in this moment. So that’s partly why there’s kind of a range of genre tones here, because I wanted to give the horror, but I also wanted to give our characters the agency and the adventure and the hope and the joy and pleasure they deserve.

I think one of the things we have with this movie is a movie that transcends the horror genre, in a way. The first film extract [Eadweard Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion] was basically a black man on a horse that was forgotten and erased. Part of this film, for me, is a celebration and a response to that. We can be the protagonists not only of a horror movie, but also of action, adventure, comedy, etc.

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From its trailers, it’s clear that Nope is going to be more than just a horror movie, even a supernatural thriller. The film seems to have been able to reinvent a typical UFO thriller by adding elements of comedy and supernatural horror to the mix. At the same time, Peele also managed to talk about the times in which society lives and to make a film with more poignant and relevant themes than get out and We. That resembles Nope offers a very complete visual experience.

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