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John Woo’s New Action Movie Silent Night Has Started Filming

Iconic Chinese Director John Woo will return to North America to make his first film outside Asia since 2003. silent nightan action movie with Joel Kinnaman (The Suicide Squad) without a single word of dialogue, marks his return to the United States where he is developing several iconic films such as Front/Off, hard targetand the division mission: impossible 2. Some recently published photos on Instagram revealed that filming for the project has officially begun.

Kinnaman is the only actor attached to the project that has been announced, though that will almost certainly change as filming is underway. The basic plot of the film will have a father (Kinnaman) seeking revenge for the death of his son. It’s a pretty simple premise, with the marketing sure to lean heavily on the fact that the film won’t contain any dialogue. Basil Iwanyk (Sicario), Christian Mercuri (Out of the oven), Erica Lee (The informant), and Lori Tilkin (red cliff) are all on board as producers. Woo certainly has a strong action crew around him, as all four producers have ties to the John Wick franchise.


silent night marks Woo’s first film since 2017, in which he directed the Chinese film Manhunt, which brought together a cast of Chinese, Japanese and Korean descent. This will be his 37th directorial effort, and his credits date back to 1968 with dead knot and Ouran. hard target marked his first feature film for North America, and the film featured the action legend Jean Claude Van Damme. For this film, he was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Director. Most viewers will recognize his work Front/Off and Tom Cruiseit is mission: impossible 2and he’s sure to be welcomed with open arms as he hasn’t made a film in the country since 2003 Paycheck.

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One of many action movies slated for 2022, silent night will find itself in good company in the genre if it comes out this year. 2022 has already seen the release of The 355, Liam Neesonit is Black lightand Roland Emmerichsci-fi disaster movie moon fall. Still, there is undoubtedly a distinct style to Woo’s work that sets him apart from these films and any others that will be released. Hoping that his return to American cinema will be well received and fully embraced by the public.

silent night does not have a release date at this time. Check out the image below that announced the start of production:

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