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John Woo returns to Hollywood with no-dialogue action flick

John Woo is arguably one of the greatest action directors of all time, and his reputation was cemented long before he made the jump to Hollywood in the 1990s.

A better tomorrow, The killer, Bullet in the head and hard boiled are classics of the genre, and while Jean-Claude Van Damme Difficult target and that of John Travolta Broken arrow saw his adventures in the United States get off to a solid, if not spectacular, start, Face / Off is right there with the best the decade had to offer.

Joel kinnaman

Woo hasn’t run a production in the United States since the dismal 2003 sci-fi thriller Ben Affleck Paycheck, but he’s on his way home with the high concept Silent night, who already has The suicide squad‘s Joel Kinnaman is expected to star in the film completely without dialogue, according to the deadline.

The actor plays an ordinary father who ventures into the criminal underworld to avenge his son’s death, which is all plot details made available. Woo hasn’t achieved anything since 2017 manhunt, which was a minor return to its roots after historic two-part epics Red Cliff and The passage, but a piece of bare bone like Silent night maybe exactly what’s needed for these creative juices to pick up again as the master returns to his favorite sandbox.