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Joey King’s medieval action flick reveals first frame

Patriarchy takes another blow. In today’s Disney + Day announcements, the streamer announced a list of movies that are slated to premiere on its sister platforms Star and Hulu in 2022. One of those movies is Princess, an action film that will hit our screens next summer.

Emmy-nominated movie stars Joey king and will be an irreverent story set in a fairytale world. King plays a young royal who is more comfortable with a sword than a tiara and must save her kingdom from ruthless mercenaries. So get these Courageous The vibes are rife, because judging from the first pic, King is not taking any BS and will give the princess dress a slight overhaul that probably helps when it comes to cutting off the mercenaries’ limbs.


King rose to worldwide fame after starring in Netflix’s hit teen romantic comedy The kissing booth, as well as its two suites. She has proven herself to be truly eclectic by booking projects such as Conspiracy, Oz the Great and mighty, and Independence day: resurgence. She received praise for her performance in the limited series Hulu True Crime The act, for which she was nominated in 2019.


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First announced in October 2020, Princess has been described as a cross between Rapunzel and Indonesian sensation from 2011 Lowering. It is led by The Van Kiet, a Vietnamese filmmaker who directed Fury, a frenzied martial arts action flick that follows a ruthless mother who doesn’t stop to save her child after the little girl is kidnapped by a trafficking ring.

Ben lustig and Jake thornton co-wrote the script for Princess. With the project, Thornton made his film debut, while Lustig took on a feature film script for the first time since 2006. The thirst, who played Adam baldwin and Jeremy Sisto.

Even though Disney announced Princess will debut on Hulu and Star in the summer of 2022, no specific date has been set by the streamer. Discover the first image of Princess below:

Image via Disney

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