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Jean-Claude Van Damme says his next action movie is his last

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Amazon Prime Video)

Jean Claude Van Damme first became a household name in the late 1980s, starring in major action blockbusters like Lionheart, Double impact, Nowhere to run, and more. The 61-year-old Belgian actor and martial artist will now bow out of the genre in the next What is my name?where he plays a fictionalized version of himself.

The star had previously played himself in 2008 JCVD, which marked a resurgence in his acting career after starring in numerous direct-to-video films. Talk with Deadlinethe legendary martial artist has revealed that the film, just like JCVDwill draw on snippets of his life.

“I wanted to leave the stage but with a revisit of my career, starting with blood sport, the one where I started to become famous. I want it to be a new one blood sport but at a higher level. In film, I’m on the decline career-wise, and as I walk out of a preview of another action movie, I’m not happy because I’ve been living in hotels these 30 years, which is in fact true.

We’re going to bring real elements of my real life and what happened to me. I came from Belgium, to Hollywood. I succeeded, I failed, I came back. So I go out into the street after the premiere, and boom! — a car hits me because I am drunk. When I wake up after the impact, I don’t know my name and no one recognizes me.

Jean Claude Van Damme

What is my name? will focus on the character of Van Damme waking up with amnesia following a car accident, before regaining his memory by battling memorable characters from his long and successful career. The actor also claimed that he will be in excellent physical condition for the film and once the film is over he will be traveling the world and spending time with his family, which feels like a fitting retirement after such an illustrious time. decades of roundhouse kicks. the people in front.