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Jason Statham is going to make an action film on… beekeeping?

Jason Statham has faced a lot throughout his acting career, whether it’s giant sharks in The Meg or Dwayne Johnson driving in the Fast and Furious franchise. However, his next action movie will see him tackle a subject no one could have foreseen: beekeeping. Yes, you read that right: bees.

According Deadline, Statham is now on board to star in The Beekeeper with filmmaker David Ayer, who helmed the 2016 DCEU film Suicide Squad, which is set to direct. The film would follow a “former agent of a powerful, underground organization known as the ‘Beekeepers'” on his personal quest for revenge. While that storyline sounds perfectly on typical Statham cinematic street, the post also revealed that the film is “steeped in beekeeping mythology,” and didn’t really elaborate on what that statement meant. Actually supposed.

Will we see Statham living the life teachings of beekeepers? Or will he give us a history lesson on the Greek god of beekeeping, Aristeas? Either way, we’re intrigued and, yes, slightly confused.

The Beekeepers screenplay is written by Kurt Wimmer, which was acquired in 2021 by Miramax. Statham, Wimmer, Bill Block for Miramax and Chris Long for Cedar Park Studios are set to produce the film, which should also be the start of a new film franchise, because who wouldn’t want a beekeeping franchise packed with adrenaline, right?

Besides this bug-tilting project, Statham currently has his hands full. The star is working on The Meg 2 and Expendables 4.