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Jamie Foxx and Robert De Niro join the cast of a new action movie

Jamie Foxx and Robert De Niro are finding their next project as the two actors are set to star in the upcoming action feature Tin Soldier.

Jamie Foxx and Robert De Niro join the cast of the new action movie tin soldier. Fresh off his role as Electro in Marvel’s record-breaking blockbuster Spider-Man: No Coming HomeFoxx is currently attached to several projects, including Netflix feature films Day shift and They cloned Tyrone. As for De Niro, the veteran Freedmen the actor will reunite with longtime collaborator and friend Martin Scorsese for the highly anticipated Moonflower Slayers, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

According Deadline, Foxx and De Niro have been selected to star in tin soldier, as part of a cast that also includes John Leguizamo (Encanto, John Wick) and Scott Eastwood. The film will be directed by Brad Furman (Lincoln’s lawyer, the infiltrator) with a screenplay co-written by his frequent collaborator Jess Fuerst. The duo will also produce the feature as part of their Road Less Traveled productions, with Blue Rider’s Walter Josten serving as executive producer. Filming is set to begin next week in Greece.


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The story of tin soldier revolves around The Bokushi (Foxx), who preaches to hundreds of veterans who have been drawn to the promise of protection and purpose beneath him. After several failed attempts to infiltrate his impenetrable fortress, military agent Emmanuel Ashburn (De Niro) recruits Nash Cavanaugh (Eastwood), a former Special Forces agent who was once a disciple of the Bokushi. Nash agrees to use his insider knowledge of the enigmatic leader as he seeks revenge on the man who took everything from him, including the love of his life.

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Source: Deadline

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