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Is The Naruto Live Action Movie Happening?

It aired some time ago that a live-action adaptation of the Naruto anime and manga series was announced by Lionsgate. But since then everything has calmed down. What’s going on with the project?


According to reports, Shaw is not alone in this design as fans have started an online petition to pressure for the studio’s creative direction to be executed in the major film adaptation, which has already grown to over 12,000. signatures.

What is the status of naruto movie live?

Naruto Kurama
Naruto Kurama

As one of the exclusive anime exports to the West, Naruto is one of the best raw materials for the Hollywood adaptation, but it’s not the first Japanese property to attract international admirers.

As Lionsgate is set to have its own “Naruto” adaptation, director Nik Shaw says his goal is to expose key filmmakers who are a big step in creating successful anime adaptations. Additionally, Shaw says:

“This project is not just a film on Youtube, but it is a movement. Lionsgate is currently adapting ‘Naruto’ in live-action”.

hinata-hyuga-in front-of-neji-and-naruto-vs-pain
hinata-hyuga-in front-of-neji-and-naruto-vs-pain

He also adds these comments stating that a live-action adaptation should be about sharing Japan’s great stories with the world.

“Not only do we want to show respect to Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, but we also hope to show Lionsgate executives that we can adapt Naruto into live-action in a way that will excite fans and attract new audiences. live should be about sharing the beautiful stories of Japan with the world in a reimagined light, while staying true to the anime’s main message, characters, themes, and creator’s vision.

Who is involved in the Naruto live action movie?

Naruto's Infamous Uchiha Massacre Scene Gets Live-Action Adaptation
Naruto’s Infamous Uchiha Massacre Scene Gets Live-Action Adaptation

Naruto was adapted into an anime series, which helped win the franchise an enthusiastic global audience, which we all still enjoy today. If you count the days, it’s been almost 5 years since the Naruto movie was announced by Lionsgate. And the official reveal was supposed to take place in mid-2015.

Although details have been limited, Avi Arad is set to produce through his own company. In terms of history and skin tone, not much has been revealed about Naruto. Kishimoto has verified that he was consulted on the adaptation, which is a good clue. The Naruto live-action script is reportedly written by Erich and Jon Hoeber, but there’s currently no news on which actors might be involved.

The last update regarding Naruto’s status came from Gracey himself in March 2018. Conversing with Collider, Gracey confirmed that he was still busy with a cinematic visit to Konoha Village, despite the great success of The Greatest Showman. However, the director was concerned that he would not proceed with the project without Kishimoto’s involvement. He also revealed that a script has yet to be finalized. The future of the film depends on finding a script that everyone is happy with.