Horror movie

Innocent 8-year-old hung doll after watching horror movie

Pune: The suicide of an 8-year-old boy from Pune, Maharashtra has shocked everyone. Masoom loved watching horror movies on cell phones. Before committing suicide, he watched a horror movie and playfully hanged the doll first. Later, he committed suicide by putting a rope around his neck. Everyone is shocked to hear this news.

According to information received, 8-year-old Innocent Kamal Khem Saud lived with his parents and siblings in the Thergav complex in the Pimpri Chinchwad region near Pune. In the afternoon, her mother took care of the household chores. My brother and sister were busy studying. With all their eyes he was watching the English horror movie on the phone, alone in the room. After a while, he started playing with his sister’s doll. He wrapped a black cloth over the doll’s face and crucified her the same way she saw him in the English film. It is said that after doing all this, Kamal realized that due to his action, the doll left him alone in the world and went to God. Immediately, Kamal committed suicide by tying a rope hanging from the window around his neck.

For a moment, no one knew anything. After finishing her work, when the mother saw her son hanging from the rope, she said to her son, “Don’t do such a scary act. Speaking of which, she nervously reached out her hand to him, at which point Kamal’s breath had stopped. Neighbors reported it to the local police. Investigator Satyawan Mane said a police team attended the scene and sent Kamal’s body to hospital for an autopsy. The matter is under review.

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