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He-Man Live-Action Movie Reboot Is Compared To Thor Ragnarok By Directors

the He-Man The live-action film is finally seeing progress after years of development. The new film found its main man in Kyle Allen a few weeks ago. This was after Noah Centineo from To all the boys I’ve loved before was part of the movie for a while. It now looks like MOTU the movie reboot is full steam ahead with a leading man in place, as well as a set of directors. During a chat at SXSW, the admins discuss how Thor Ragnarok inspired the He-Man the tone and style of the film. The Taika Waititi-directed film managed to blend silly, goofy humor with sleek action and epic adventure vibes. If the MOTU movie reboot shapes after Thor Ragnarok, this is a very good approach. Especially considering the issues the franchise has had lately with its other iterations.

He-Man Live-action movie comes after other MOTU reboots

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Directors Aaron and Adam Nee spoke exclusively with /Film to SXSW on their approach to the MOTU movie reboot. The directors seem to have a great grip on the origin of the masters of the universe franchise. As they chat, their challenge is more about how to keep the more wacky elements of the franchise in this new iteration, rather than trying to make things feel more real or grounded.

“And so, we want that, basically, this very basic human connection that we felt without going, ‘Well, we’re adults now. So we can’t really have a character named Ram-Man, we can’t really have Fisto. Instead, it’s like, “No, we’re going to have this.” How do you come up like all the kind of madness and craziness, but do it with love and affection?

These comments are definitely in line with the spirit of the franchise. Coincidentally, another recent MOTU content before that He-Man live action film had a very similar approach. by Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe: Revelation the anime on Netflix retains much of the fun of the original while sequencing the story. Incidentally, Smith also includes a big joke in the series involving Fisto. The directors’ approach therefore appears to be consistent so far. Especially when they say Thor Ragnarok inspired Muscle.

MOTU Movie reboot seems headed in the right direction

He-Man Live Reboot CGI Picture via Netflix.

Smith’s MOTU The anime series was heavily criticized for taking the story in a new direction, despite sticking with the original’s tone and character development. Another He-Man series, Muscleman and the masters of the universe is a CGI reboot of the franchise that escaped similar criticism. This could be because the Netflix animated series completely reboots and changes many elements of the original franchise. Also, it targets a younger audience with a kid-friendly version, thus avoiding disrupting the mainstream fandom. Unlike Smith’s version, which saw mock outrage at certain elements of the story.

While, Thor Ragnarok inspiring He-Man is almost the perfect comparison for what an update is He-Man live action movie may look like. The first live action movie was released in 1987 starring Dolph Lundgren and was of various bizarre types. But still, fun in a nostalgic way. Also because it was the only live action He-Man already. But with this new MOTU upcoming movie reboot, the directors’ comments should put fans at ease.

Thor Ragnarok Inspiring He-Man is pretty much perfect!

He-Man Dolph live-action reboot.  Thor Ragnarok inspired He-Man. Image via Cannon Group.

If it is surprising that the directors do not mention the other He-Man series, they seem perfectly aware of the challenges associated with the realization of a MOTU restart the movie. They talk about how the original was a huge toy marketing campaign, but despite its intent, how it became something more. This is something our editor Joshua M. Patton actually discussed during our MOTU: Revelations podcast episode.

Their previous filmography doesn’t seem to match what a He-Man live action movie should look like, with The lost city being their biggest project to date. However, the eloquent articulation of their approach makes me feel at home as a He-Man fan myself. And comparing the inspiration of Thor Ragnarok to He-Man should certainly allay any concerns about the new film.

No release date for the live-action He-Man movie has been set. Stay tuned to this space for more as it expands.

What do you think of the comparison of directors between Thor Ragnarok in Muscleman? Does that make you feel better or worse about how the new movie is going to pan out? Let us know in the comments below.

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