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Hallmark’s New Romance Movie Will Be Led by an Actor With Down Syndrome

Hallmark’s latest movie promises to break more than hearts this year. It is also breaking down barriers.

“Color My World With Love” is one of the network’s latest projects and, according to a press release shared with TODAY, it will tell the romantic story of a woman named Kendall (Lily D. Moore), a painter qualified as having Down syndrome. .

The new original will premiere on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and will center on Kendall, a talented painter who draws inspiration from the Impressionist style to capture subjects. The press release provided by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries portrays Kendall as a successful woman who found happiness through the support of her mother, Emma (Erica Durance), and her grandmother, Bev (Karen Kruper). While attending a cooking class at a local center for diverse learners, Kendall meets Brad (David DeSanctis) and sparks fly.

However, the chemistry between the two leads seems to conflict with the expectations of Kendall’s mother, Emma, ​​who has worked hard to protect her daughter from things like heartbreak. Emma enlists Nic (Benjamin Ayres) described as a “longtime friend of Brad’s family” to slow things down in an attempt to interfere. However, this is a rom-com — and one to come from Hallmark — so fans can expect the flames between Kendall and Brad won’t be extinguished so easily. According to the press release, fans can also expect Emma to find love in this story.

Hallmark viewers will have more than love to look forward to; there will also be lessons on understanding.

“Everyone dreams of falling in love and getting married one day, even people with disabilities,” Lily D. Moore said in a statement about the film. “I hope viewers take away that ‘Color my World with Love’ is about painting your own story through your emotions and that we all have endless possibilities.”

Network fans shouted their support on Twitter, expressing their approval of the recently completed production.

“Glad Hallmark is showing movies that reflect real life,” another Twitter user wrote. “People can relate to the characters and see themselves in situations presented in the film. It also broadens everyone’s perspective on difference.”

Since the film’s announcement, social media users have praised the network for its decision to put love interests with intellectual disabilities at the heart of its romantic story. While people with intellectual disabilities have been overlooked in the past, raising awareness of Down syndrome has become a priority for film, media and brands in recent years.