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Guillermo Del Toro Reveals His Least Favorite Fantasy Movie

The first thing to say is that fantasy fans shouldn’t take anything personally when it comes to someone who dislikes one aspect of fantasy or another. It’s a personal preference after all and it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves. But hearing someone like Guillermo Del Toro say there’s a type of fantasy he doesn’t like is a little shocking because he’s one of the biggest fantasy peddlers imaginable right now. It seems like he’s not too fond of hero-type fantasy though, and the way he portrays it sounds a lot like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. A lot of people are forced to stand up at such a mention, some of them might even boo and think Del Toro doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Well, when it comes to fantasy, he’s got a really good idea of ​​what he’s talking about and what he’s doing since he’s got the awards and the reputation to prove it. But considering the fan base and the amount of money the LoTR franchise has made, one might just have to let Del Toro have this one since his opinion doesn’t make the franchise any less effective.

It is, after all, his opinion, which is something we all have and should not be allowed to influence how people think about certain things. It’s just a bit tragic to think that Del Toro’s opinion might be enough to make some people dislike the LoTR Trilogy, or maybe even not watch it, to begin with, but that’s an extreme case. to be certain since most people will continue to like what they want, regardless of their opinion. Del Toro is allowed to say whatever he wants and, ironically, to enjoy The Hobbit, which he apparently picked up and read, and loved. It’s funny how things go, isn’t it?

Many people tend to like certain aspects of a genre and not others, it’s no big secret that this happens. But when someone like Guillermo says what he likes and what he doesn’t, it can be taken by many of his fans as a bit of justification for not watching said material or as a shock because there has plenty of fans who love a wide range of fantasy and can’t imagine their favorite storytellers and directors don’t feel the same way. We all have our own personal biases when it comes to entertainment, and that’s what drives the competition between those who run one franchise and those who run another. Personal preference isn’t going away anytime soon, and the fact is, it’s what helps create so many different aspects of a genre that can consistently entertain people. But personal preference is also what will allow people to voice their opinions since Guillermo isn’t the only one who doesn’t like the LoTR trilogy. Some people appreciate a story with a harder edge, and the one thing about Tolkien’s creation is that he was a product of his time, just like his story, and adapting it took on a little too flowery aspect sometimes in terms of discourse and invites too much prose and exposition during times when people might feel it’s time to act.

There are plenty of people who enjoy it, however, and people have been proven to either be in love with it or ready to sit down for the action since the box office numbers, although they may be falsified, are sufficient proof. that people were willing to attend every screening in order to see what was so exciting that people were going to see the movies again and again. As much as Guillermo doesn’t seem to enjoy Middle-earth, or at least not before reading The Hobbit, he was actually attached to The Hobbit at one point. Obviously Peter Jackson returned after Guillermo’s withdrawal, but the fact is that despite his dislike of Tolkien’s story, he was almost part of a very important story that led to the main narrative.

It’s best to remind people that nothing Guillermo says should be taken personally as he is expressing his own opinion, it’s not a known fact that will change anything in years to come. A person can like or dislike whatever they want, especially when it comes to entertainment, as it helps keep things interesting in many ways. Everything Guillermo Del Toro thinks of the LoTR trilogy is up to him, while the rest of us can sit back and enjoy the story over and over if we so choose.