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Friday the 13th Producer Details Unique New Exorcism Horror Film

Veteran Horror Producer Roy Lee Teases Next Original Film Late night with the devil and his leading star role. Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment, which struck a first deal with Warner Bros., has produced some of Hollywood’s most successful horror genre hits over the past two decades, including the ring, The foreignersand THISand is also about to face the next Friday 13 to restart. While Vertigo focuses on blockbuster horror, Lee’s recently formed label Spooky Pictures (with partner Steven Schneider) focuses on low-budget genre projects.


In 2020, Spooky Pictures signed a multi-picture deal with Abu Dhabi-based label Image Nation. The companies announced their next release earlier this year, a unique supernatural horror film titled Late night with the devil, directed by Australian duo Colin and Cameron Cairns. The film will be set during a live late-night talk show production in 1977. Something went wrong during the filming of the show, “unleash evil in the salons of the nation“, according to the official synopsis. The film will be the second Spooky Pictures / Image Nation co-production following the success of the Sundance festival. Observer.

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In an upcoming episode of Bloody disgusting podcast, The Boo CrewLee enthusiastically describes Late night with the devil unique qualities. He remarks that beyond the cheesy title of the film, the scenario unfolds like an episode of The Larry Sanders Show if the host performed an on-air exorcism gone wrong. When the “show” switches to advertising, the off-air segments appear like a traditional movie in a different aspect ratio, almost like a documentary. Lee also reveals that David Dastmalchian stars in the feature film. Check out the full quote below:

We just finished Late Night With the Devil. I almost didn’t read the script, because I was like, ‘That’s such a corny title. There’s no way this movie is anything that isn’t just a B-movie.’ But then someone I trust said to me, ‘You have to read that script.’ I’m so glad I read the script. I don’t know if anyone remembers The Larry Sanders Show. Imagine that, and it’s the last episode shot because Larry decides to do an on-air exorcism that goes wrong and causes it to be the last episode.

It’s made as if it were a real TV show, and when there are commercial breaks, it reverts to the format of a traditional movie. So you see it almost like a docu-movie style, behind the scenes as they shoot this episode. David Dastmalchian kills him. He could be the next talk show host to replace Conan or anybody else because he’s so good at it.

This one, I think, will surprise a lot of people.

Dastmalchian’s cast stands out after his outstanding performance as Polka-Dot Man in The Suicide Squad. Despite appearing in big-budget superhero films, the actor still chose to work on a low-budget genre film, and Lee’s praise for Dastmalchian’s performance indicates he could have a role. star in his hands. The movie also has a quirky premise, compared only to the social media-based “live exorcism” movie. cleaning time from 2019. While Shudder’s original film centered on a pair of live streamers who simulate an exorcism that suddenly becomes real, Late night with the devil puts the action in a completely different setting.

Horror fans should be just as excited as Lee about the new exorcism movie, due to its unique plot and Dastmalchian’s supposedly stellar execution. The actor, who previously proclaimed his love of horror, will also star in Stephen King’s The bogeyman and André Øvredal Dracula spin off, The Last Voyage of Demeterso he’ll likely be an important face in horror in 2023. If Dastmalchian really rivals Conan O’Brien and the film’s unique style does indeed surprise audiences, Late night with the devil could be one of next year’s genre hits.

Source: Bloody disgusting