Horror movie

Frank Grillo in the action horror film High Concept Werewolf

(Photo by Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images)

Frank Grillo is considered one of Hollywood’s hardest working and most prolific actors, and he clearly didn’t get the memo that a global pandemic had had a massive impact on the entire movie industry. entertainment.

The 56-year-old appeared in nine feature films and one TV show last year alone, while he currently has nine more in various stages of production or development. However, Grillo has signed on for what might be his craziest project ever, but a high-concept genre piece. Year 2 it’s true that sounds all sorts of great things on paper.

According to ScreenDaily, Steven C. Miller will lead the project, which takes place a year after a supermoon triggers a latent gene in human DNA that turns them into werewolves when they come in contact with moonlight. A billion people die from it, putting Grillo’s scientist in a race against time to develop a cure before the lunar phenomenon happens again.

However, when he finds his sister-in-law and niece trapped by a pack of vicious werewolves, he must make a choice between saving his family or saving the world. Based on this connecting line alone, Year 2 It sounds absolutely ridiculous, which means it’s likely to go downwind with fans loving a B-level actor who throws caution to the wind to double down on outright madness.