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Found Footage Phenomenon Trailer Examines Origin Of Horror Movie Trend

Watch the trailer for Shudder’s new horror documentary, The Found Footage Phenomenon, which explores the origins of this terrifying technique!

Shudder released a new trailer for their latest documentary The phenomenon of found images investigating the found footage horror subgenre. Found footage is a technique used in film and television that presents the project as recordings discovered after events, typically found in the horror and crime genres. While most horror films allow the viewer to distance themselves from the action with the assurance that it is fiction, this approach taps into something far more chilling by giving its projects a sense of true crime.

The phenomenon of found images is a new Shudder project that plans to shed light on this popular subgenre. The trailer (via JoBlo Horror Trailers) reveals the new documentary which aims to uncover the origins of found footage horror and the changes that found footage has overtaken as technology has advanced throughout its history. It features interviews with directors whose work is fundamental to found footage and the horror genre as a whole. Check out the trailer below:


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Found-picture horror films owe their popularity in part to the success of The Blair Witch Project. Creators Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez were so successful in deceiving the public that the public began to wonder if the events of The Blair Witch Project were real due to its iconic use of found footage and marketing. This 1999 film has served as the archetype for many modern interpretations, as creatives attempt to replicate the same sense of fear that has spread everywhere The Blair Witch Projectthe television viewers. The phenomenon of found images aims to give fans a better understanding of what makes this technique so terrifying.

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Source: JoBlo Horror Trailers

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