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Florence Pugh Set to Play She-Ra in a Live-Action Movie

We get a live-action He-Man reboot movie. Will a She-Ra live-action movie follow? Personally, I would love to see Florence Pugh as She-Ra.

One of the most promising actresses in the field of modern action films is undoubtedly Florence Pugh (Midsommar, Black Widow). The actress more than exceeded critics’ expectations with her excellent showcase of acting talent, in a collection of films ranging from classic dramas to surreal horror masterpieces.

If there’s a decade that simply refuses to die, it would be the dazzling eighties. The pop culture of the era is still very much alive, and one could even argue that some franchises are even more popular now than they were in the decade they were originally released.

This is especially the case with the frequent revivals of the masters of the universe franchise. It seems like every decade has seen some sort of He-Man revival – with at least three different shows being produced by Netflix in recent years.

One of those shows was a She-Ra revival series. Although this version of the character departs from the design and mythos of the original, it’s safe to say that it at least reignited public interest in He-Man’s twin sister (cousin , whatever it is these days). Given this, and the upcoming release of another masters of the universe live-action film, this would be the perfect opportunity to release a live-action adaptation of the iconic Princess of Power – and who better to play She-Ra than Florence Pugh?

Even though the version of She-Ra most modern fans are familiar with isn’t the same one ’80s fans grew up with, that doesn’t mean a live-action movie involving one of the characters the most emblematic of masters of the universe the franchise cannot develop its own revised origin story, independent of the previous two versions.

Of course, coming up with ideas or rationales for making a new movie based on a beloved ’80s franchise is the easy part — the hardest part would be convincing audiences that Florence Pugh is the right woman for She. -Ra.

Moviegoers may know Pugh best from his work in independent dramatic roles. The English actress made her debut in the 2014 film, The fall. In his eight years in the acting business, Pugh has shown an impressive acting range, starring in films like Ari Aster Midsommar and the wrestling biopic, fight with my familywhere she played the physically demanding role of WWE wrestler Paige.

It may have been because of his physical prowess that Pugh was given one of the starring roles in Marvel’s Black Widowwhere she plays Yelena Belova, a character who could eventually become Scarlett Johansson’s replacement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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With a history of starring in drama and action films, Florence Pugh would be the perfect choice to play a character like She-Ra who is not only a skilled warrior, but also an expert diplomat. Florence Pugh would give She-Ra the warrior princess characterization she deserves, painting the character in a positive light for a whole new generation of fans.

The fact that the actress has already appeared in the MCU also gives her a huge boost in popularity in the eyes of younger fans. The same thing happened with Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch: two actors well known for their dramatic performances and whose careers changed completely once they joined the ranks of the MCU.

One thing is certain: its future looks bright. Not only is she one of the MCU’s youngest stars, but her acting in some of the most iconic period pieces in recent memory and her outstanding lineup means Florence Pugh would be more than qualified to play a character like She- Ra.

Tell us, would you like to see Florence Pugh as She-Ra in an action movie?