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Five Mortal Kombat characters who deserve a live-action solo movie

After nearly two decades, fans of the Mortal combat lore was ultimately honored with a reboot with favorites Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kano, Melina, Raiden and Shang Tsung. However, the film’s protagonist was not an MK original, as the writers chose to bring a new fighter into the mix, Cole Young, who just happens to be Scorpion’s son. While the 2021 reboot wasn’t the critical darling it could have been, the film still received high marks from longtime fans. However, most people who are familiar with the Mortal combat franchise agree that Cole Young was a bland, generic choice as the leader. Since 1992, nearly 80 characters have been created by Netherrealm Studios. Some have become the face of the franchise (Sub Zero, Scorpion, Raiden) and others are known as jokes (Hsu Hao, Meat, Mokap). Among such a large list of choices, it was actually shocking that none of the originals Mortal combat the characters didn’t get the chance to be the face of the reboot. The future of live-action Mortal combat films are currently in the air; however, here are five characters who deserve their own solo flicks.

Sub zero

It’s actually amazing that Sub-Zero has yet to receive its own solo action movie. Easily, the best moments from the 2021 reboot were Joe Taslim’s Sub-Zero; Those first 7 minutes with Sub-Zero and Scorpion are what the movie should have been. The writers could have focused on the compelling feud between Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu. There’s a reason Sub-Zero is one of the main faces of the franchise because its history is extremely intriguing. There are many directions for a Sub-Zero movie to take as it doesn’t have to necessarily follow its legendary rivalry with Scorpion. It is possible to follow Kaui Liang’s journey as a member of Shirai Ryu. Or his time as the grandmaster of Lin Kuei. Either way, there’s a detailed story begging to be told, and getting a more in-depth inside view of Sub-Zero’s story can easily film a two-hour run.


Like Sub-Zero, further exploration of Hanzo Hasashi could easily fill a two-hour battery life. Easily one of the most compelling characters in Mortal combat, there is a certain composure in Hanzo Hasashi which makes him a great presence on the screen. The solo film could focus on his dedication to Shirai Ryu. Or as mentioned above, his rivalry with Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei. We could follow Hasashi to the depths of Hell before he is officially reborn as a Scorpion. I know animated films have explored the Scorpion / Sub-Zero feud countless times; however, live-action movies have a better chance of targeting a casual audience unfamiliar with the Mortal combat universe.


Let’s be honest here, Kano’s deaths in the Mortal combat games tend to suck. However, there’s no denying that this guy is a pleasure to watch whenever he’s on screen. In both adaptations of live-action MK films, Kano stood out for his charm and magnetic personality. Sure, the leader of the Black Dragon is a jerk, but he’s entertaining to follow. The story of the opportunistic mercenary could also point in different directions. Kano has always been the antagonist of Mortal combat, so it was not brought to light as Sub-Zero and Scorpion; However, following the rise of the sarcastic sting to Black Dragon’s stats may introduce another side of the MK universe that we do not see too much. We could actually follow the futuristic world that Kano rules from his story-ending character in Mortal Kombat 11. Either way, it would be a fun ride to follow The journey of The MK ordinary.


Ed Boon and Netherealm did something very interesting with the character of Mileena in Mortal Kombat 11. In the end of her character, Mileena’s character was actually humanized by showing that she wanted to be loved by her sister Kitana. The Flesh Eating Monster is a genetic experiment the opposite of Kitana, cold, ruthless, and bloodthirsty, but this new wrinkle in Mileena’s character can be a very interesting prospect to follow.

Noob Saibot

The original Sub-Zero has arguably one of the most intriguing (or coolest) designs in the movie. An elite assassin for Lin Kuei, the Cold-Hearted Killer has primarily been an antagonist in the MK franchise, so his backstory hasn’t been explored much outside of video games. What’s most interesting about Noob Saibot is his death and how he was resurrected as such a dark soul. Saibot’s powers are unique, and his code of honor contrasts with Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei, opening up the possibility of having a different perspective from one of the original members.