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Five ’90s action movie companions who were better than the stars

It’s amazing to think it’s possible with action movies, but sometimes the sidekick can actually be a better and more compelling character than the star of the movie. Sometimes it’s by a thin margin and even by design, but it happens. This happened more often in the ’90s than people seem to think, as there were a lot of sidekicks who were actually easier to follow and even encourage than the stars at times. This was a conditional thing of course since the stars would most often be pushed ahead, leaving the acolytes, well, by their side or behind them. In some cases, the sidekicks were essential, and in others, they were right there, meaning they didn’t eclipse the stars at all. But when a sidekick managed to outshine one of the stars, it was pretty obvious since all of a sudden the sidekick felt like the main character, even if only for a moment.

Here are a few times the sidekicks managed to look better than the stars in ’90s action movies.

5. Natalie Portman – Léon: the professional

It’s that thin margin that I was talking about since Jean Reno was awesome in the role of Leon, but he was still a bit overshadowed by Natalie Portman, who did a great performance like her attitude, her emotions and her determination to show to Leon what she could do was relentless. She was just a kid at the time, but she put on such a beautiful performance that you can’t help but be quite impressed as she was able to take control of a scene after the other and make it work so that people are sitting with their jaws open. Of course, it could have had something to do with her character trying to do more than be grateful to Leon for saving his life.

4. Jeff Goldblum – Jurassic Park

Jeff has this ability in just about every movie because he has what seems like a manic action style that is actually quite calm but so intense that it’s impossible to ignore him for awhile unless really try. In Jurassic Park there were several very talented actors at work, and yet he was one of the ones that people remember the most, partly because of his time spent with his shirt open, and partly because of the way he sort of fills the screen with his presence and overall attitude. Seriously, the guy doesn’t have to scream or even raise his voice, he just has to talk.

3. Gene Hackman – Enemy of the State

Yes, it is possible to eclipse Will Smith since in this film he constantly played the role of the madman since his character had no idea what was going on and why he was being targeted by a clandestine agency to possibly possess information which he had no knowledge. from in the first place. But Gene Hackman sort of stepped on set and took over in a very calm and controlled manner that Smith had no choice but to follow since Hackman’s character was the expert and more importantly, he knew what was going on, and once he figured out why he became very dangerous.

2. Michael Keaton – Desperate Measures

When Michael Keaton goes wild you know it because the guy is an absolute animal. Even calm, controlled and composed, he’s still able to give off an aura of danger which in this movie serves him well as he plays the role of a killer who just happens to be a perfect match to be a donor for a cop kid. . Andy Garcia is a great actor, and that doesn’t mean to take anything away from him at all, but he can’t live up to Keaton in this movie, because the point is, Keaton is totally ruthless and doesn’t stop. no compensation. Garcia is good, but he doesn’t measure up to Keaton in this movie, especially in terms of attitude.

1. Morgan Freeman – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

People might laugh at it, not because it’s not true, but because it’s true. Kevin Costner was meant to be the legend of this movie, and somehow Freeman increased the charm and acting ability and ended up being the guy who was basically the reason people hang out. are finally turned to Robin Hood instead of going out and letting the officials breathe a sigh of relief. Also, his speech and the things he sometimes said were perfect, like the moment Costner berated his character for not helping him during a battle, the quote “You whine like a mule!” Are you still alive. Is just classic.

Never neglect the sidekicks.