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Five ’80s action movie companions who were better than the stars

It’s amazing how a sidekick can take the lead over the lead actor in any action movie, as many movies tend to attract some of the biggest stars they can find. But there are times when the sidekicks have already established their fame in a way that the lead actor hasn’t, or are just more energetic and convincing in their delivery. Then there’s the idea that the sidekicks, whether they last the entire movie or not, are just flamboyant or crazy enough to just outrun the main character and outshine them in a way you don’t have. view coming. This has happened in just about every decade you can imagine, and the ’80s were no exception as there were a lot of action stars back then who could step onto the scene and be considered. like just great. All of them have gotten pretty old by this point and even as sidekicks don’t quite have the same punch in their acting style, but those who are still around are still highly regarded as having earned their place as greats.

Here are a few examples of a sidekick eclipsing an action star in the ’80s.

5. Briar Gates – Next of kin

That’s an easy question because some people might say that no one could have eclipsed the late great Patrick Swayze. A lot of people might have been right, but not Liam Neeson. As Briar Gates, he was a big, gruff guy who didn’t care much for gossip and focused on getting things done. Admittedly, he’s a bit of a fool because he was blunt and didn’t know exactly what the word “finesse” meant. But one thing Briar knew how to do was get results, and for a guy who kept a bloodied stag’s head in his fridge and had a general contempt for the city, he knew how to get around.

4. Kalidor – Red Sonja

Kalidor is basically another Conan figure with a different name and a bit more finesse to him since Schwarzenegger was allowed to be a bit more playful with this character as his interest in Sonja was evident throughout the film and set them disagree very quickly. But the point is, Bridgette Nielsen wasn’t a very good actress no matter how iconic this movie is. Seeing Arnold step into the movie was a sure sign that he needed a little more star power, as a young Ernie Reyes wasn’t enough to help. The movie wasn’t that bad, but the fact that Arnold was there meant it would have been worse without him.

Anyone could say “poor Pyle” whatever they wanted and that would be easy to understand since this guy was brutalized. But that made him all the better that by the time his mind was finally shattered, he had become one of the main points of the story. But then, before anyone could fully accept that this was happening, Pyle blew his brains out after killing his commander. That was the end of his character in that movie, and Joker continued with his own story, but until then, it was no doubt believed that Pyle would be the constant butt of the joke and the person people would pay attention to for as long as possible. a while.

2. Juan Sanchez-Villalobos Ramirez – Highlander

This one isn’t hard to fathom since Christopher Lambert, no matter how much people might like him, couldn’t quite match the energy of Sean Connery in this film, as Ramirez was a fighter who traveled a lot. and rambunctious, while Connor was someone who was just learning what it meant to be an immortal. Ramirez had a bad enough ending to be certain, but until his death scene he definitely managed to outshine Lambert on a regular basis. He even managed to do this in the second movie during the short time he was there, as it was still pretty much the same as in the first movie.

1. Wade Garrett – Road House

I might feel like I’m picking on Patrick Swayze, but I’m not. If anything, that’s a testament to how awesome he was since it took such big names to really outshine him for even a short period of time. But Wade Garrett was a great character as he basically taught Dalton everything he knew about being a cooler, a term you might not hear anymore since bouncer and head bouncer or security are more common these days. But this movie was great thanks to Swayze, and it only got better thanks to Sam Elliott. Together they were a lot of fun to watch.

The acolytes also have their day.