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Fast and Furious Star Sung Kang Just Made a Horror Movie

the actor in sunglasses on the red carpet

Sung Kang at the premiere of F9.

Fast and Furious fans would do just about anything for actor Sung Kang. For example, they talked so much about how badly his character, Han, was treated, they almost convinced the studio to bring Han back for F9. Now though, Kang might need those fans to back him up. in a new way– seeing a movie he made.

In a new interview with the hollywood journalistKang Reveals He Spent Five Weeks In 2020 Directing Trembling chillsa horror-comedy about “two ice cream shop workers (played by Brooke Markham and VyVy Nguyen) stranded in an abandoned camp, where a book of magical spells brings them into contact with a number of classic movie creatures “.

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The screenplay was written by Kang’s collaborator Aaron Strongoni, along with Andrew McAllister, who came up with the idea after making a documentary about Gabriel Bartalos, a legendary VFX artist who worked on by Sam Raimi dark manthe Leprechaun franchise, and many more. Kang apparently read it and “begged” to let him lead.

“I didn’t want to do anything really heavy,” Kang told the craft. “I think a lot of people expected, because of my association with those big blockbuster action movies, that I would do an action movie.”

Trembling chills does not yet have a distribution but is currently on the hunt via the American film market, a networking event in Los Angeles where filmmakers and distributors meet to buy and sell films. Fingers crossed to see what the man who brought Han along the fifth brother to life behind the camera.

To learn more about the making of the film, go to the Hollywood journalist.

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