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Fans Think Kristen Stewart Ruined This Fantasy Movie

In a 2016 opinion piece for Forbes, Eric Kain posited that Kristen Stewart was miscast as Snow White in “Snow White and the Huntsman.” “A stronger lead in the role of Snow White would have made for a much better movie…Stewart’s Snow White felt utterly underdeveloped. His catchy speech at the end made me laugh and shake my head. That was not a good fit.” He comments, “The real problem, of course, is that this franchise was a non-starter from the start. Stewart didn’t help make it great, but she was far from the only problem.”

In a more recent article for The Things, a list of similar opinions was put together as part of an introspective look at the film. Among them was a review of Slate by Dana Stevens, who harshly criticized the actress, saying, “Stewart is hilariously ill-suited to play a Joan of Arc-esque medieval action heroine. Her loose bearing and aura general passivity make it impossible to buy the idea that his Snow White possesses the kind of irresistible charisma that leads peasant revolts.”

A look at Rotten Tomatoes shows more of the same, with some precious minds coating their words. But while many don’t believe this is Stewart’s best role to date, she certainly has a list of other movies to choose from.