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Every Scott Adkins Horror Movie, Ranked

Scott Adkins is known as an action star, but he dipped his toes into the horror genre. Here are all of his horror movies ranked from worst to best.

Scott adkins hasn’t really received any praise for its horror films, but how do they stack up in a ranking? Adkins’ first horror film was titled Stag night and was released in 2008. Its most recent was released in 2016 under the title Home violation. Adkins has released a total of five horror films over the past 13 years, and while none of them are viewer favorites or cult classics, they each have developed their own audiences. Scott Adkins is best known for his live video movies, and his horror movies are no different. Scott Adkins ‘action movies will most likely always outshine his horror movies, and he’s known as one of the greatest modern action stars, but Adkins’ horror movies are always worth a mention. .


The Adkins horror films are not related to each other, nor do they share similar storylines. They are all unique. Home violation and Universal Soldier: Reckoning Day both involve home invasions, but Home violation focuses on the real home invasion plot, which isn’t surprising given its title. Judgment day, on the other hand, uses a home invasion as the catalyst for the film’s main story. The other storylines range from global zombie plagues to secret cannibal gangs, which are usually a controversial topic, hiding in tunnel systems. If audiences don’t recognize him in any of the movies on this list, he might remember his small roles in Dark zero thirty and Doctor strange.

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While he has a long list of films to his credit, Adkins’ horror films are largely forgettable. All of them scored very low on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Although to be fair none of them have a significant number of ratings either. However, Universal Soldier: Reckoning Day made the top 10 in a previous ranking of every Scott Adkins movie, while none of Adkins’ other horror films made the list. Universal Soldier: Reckoning Day is widely regarded as an action movie, not a horror movie. That said, Judgment day is always included in this list due to his psychological thrills and his extensive experimentation with the world of body horror. Below is a comprehensive ranking of every Scott Adkin horror movie, from worst to best.

5. Legendary (2013)

Scott Adkins in Legendary

In Legendary (2013), Adkins plays Travis Preston, the leader of a team sent to China in search of a cryptid. Preston is a cryptozoologist himself, and he and his team specialize in the protection of rare species. The creature they are looking for in China is an animal that is not meant to exist. He wreaks havoc in a small village, and Travis and his team are in a rush to retrieve the creature before a hunter determined to kill it defeats him to the end. To anyone familiar with the rest of Adkins’ portfolio, it’s probably not at all surprising that Legendary is at the very bottom of this list. While only one of Adkins ‘horror films has an IMDB rating above 5.0, this one sits at a very low 3.7 out of 10. Even those who enjoy Adkins’ films find that this one. – this is a characteristic of dull creature.

4. Deer Night (2008)

Stag night (2008) is Adkins’ very first horror film. Released in 2008, the story centers on a small group of men at a bachelor party before one of them gets married. Aside from the plot, it’s a tough watch for many viewers due to the camera shake that is present throughout the entire movie and distracts attention from what happens in the story. The witness harasses several women as they ride in the New York subway. The men get off the train early and find themselves in an abandoned train station, where they are then hunted down by a group of cannibals. In the horror genre, cannibals are popular on TV, in movies, and in games, but this story is quite long in terms of credibility. A group of people live in the tunnels under America’s most populous city without anyone noticing, and the men spend the night trying to survive. While this isn’t the worst entry on this list, it certainly doesn’t make the top three.

3. Home invasion (2016)

Home violation (2016) follows an employee of a high-tech security company. The story is a psychological thriller about a wealthy woman named Chloe (Natasha Henstridge) and her stepson, who live in a mansion on a remote island. Expert thieves break into their house and shoot Chloe’s friend. Due to their remote location, the only person who can help Chloe is a security systems specialist, played by Adkins. Although directed by David Tennant (not Doctor Who‘s David Tennant), who has only six director credits to his name, Home violation Still manages to be the one and only entry out of the five films on this list to score over 5.0 on IMDB. It’s barely passed the bar and currently holds a 5.1, but since the movie is also one of the least watched of all of Adkins’ movies, it’s not higher on this list.

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2. Universal Soldier: Judgment Day (2012)

Soldier's Universal Judgment Day Photo

Universal Soldier: Reckoning Day (2012) is generally considered an action movie, not an eyesore, but it has enough David Lynch-style psychological fears to warrant its inclusion on this list. Judgment day also delves into the world of body horror. John (Adkins) wakes up from a coma to find his wife and daughter were murdered in a home invasion by former UniSol Luc Devereaux, who is played by martial arts icon Jean-Claude Van Damme. In his mission to hunt down Devereaux, John is pursued by a UniSol played by Andrei Arlovski. John soon learns that he has superhuman strength, and the movie uses plenty of extremely visceral martial arts-based action sequences. Although it does not occupy the first place on this list, Judgment day isn’t only one of Adkins’ best action movies, it’s also one of the best universal soldier movies.

1. Re-Kill (2015)

Scott Adkins in Re-Kill

Reaching number one on this list is Re-kill (2015). The 2015 film takes place five years after a global epidemic. The film is all about zombies and comes to the end of the first undead craze, which still continues with a new Marvel zombie-centric show. Zombies in Re-kill, called Re-Animates, killed 85% of the world’s population, and a majority of large cities are still completely uninhabitable five years after the incident. The Re-Animates have been separated into certain areas called zones which are managed and controlled by the R-Division, whose job it is to track down the Re-Animates. During their tenure, the R-Division discovers signs of a second zombie outbreak. Released during the second half of the zombie craze that sparked a swarm of movies and TV shows based on undead creatures, Re-kill hasn’t really breathed new life into the subgenre, but it’s a worthy release as a fast-paced action / horror flick centered around a zombie apocalypse, which is why it’s Scott adkinsbest horror movie.

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