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Every Megan Fox Horror Movie, Ranked

Megan Fox has appeared in a few horror movies over the years, and here’s each of her genre releases – including Jennifer’s Body – ranked from worst to best.

Megan Fox has appeared in a few horror movies over the years, and here are each one ranked from worst to best. Outside of Megan Fox’s few horror movie releases, the star has been a well-known figure in pop culture for many years. Some of her most notable roles include Mikaela Banes in the Transformers movies or Reagen Lucas on the sitcom New girl.

In recent times, Fox’s name has mostly come back to the fore when it comes to his personal life. However, since her acting debut in 2001, she has had a pretty busy career. In fact, she’s tried out a role in just about every genre. As such, Megan Fox’s television and the roles in the cinema have been quite diverse.


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In addition to her aforementioned roles, she has appeared in everything from the movie Olsen to double A holiday in the sun to an appearance on Two and a half men and the recent live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. Even so, her most interesting roles have arguably been in the horror movies she’s appeared in throughout her career, and here’s their ranking.

3. Thief (2020)

The 2020 action thriller comes last Thug. Directed and co-written by MJ Basset, its main cast are a group of seasoned mercenaries – led by Fox badass Sam O’Hara. The team faces off against violent rebels and a fierce lioness, though Thug has more of an action vibe than pure horror. Still, the horror movie starring Megan Fox makes this ranking because of what the lioness-focused part does for the story. It adds a monster film layer, where the characters also have to fight to survive against the ever-increasing danger, made up of both humans and a very angry lion. Additionally, the lioness appears to be an almost genetically enhanced or overpowered creature, posing much more of a threat than an actual lion. Megan Fox’s action-horror flick features commendable social commentary on lion poaching and features cool performances. But, overall, Thug lack of substance and depth that he is trying to achieve.

2. Night teeth (2021)

night teeth megan fox spotlight reattached

The Night Teeth of 2021 ranks second in Megan Fox’s horror movie charts. From director Adam Randall, it’s a vampire-themed thriller that follows a college student trying to earn extra cash as a driver in LA. Of course, things don’t go as planned; his clients end up being rampaging vampires all over town. Megan Fox plays a small role of a vampire named Grace but only has a minor role in the film. She briefly appears halfway through and is never seen again. As many viewers have already noted, this Netflix horror flick leaves a lot to be desired. He lacks energy and invention, and it’s an odd creative choice for Fox. Night teeth role of being so small. After all, she is a well-known actress and she delivers one of the most engaging performances.

1. Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body

Despite a negative reception at the beginning, the years 2009 Jennifer’s body is easily Megan Fox’s best horror film. Directed by Karyn Kusama, this black comedy / horror flick sees Megan Fox play Jennifer Check, who slowly transforms from a popular teenage cheerleader into a possessed, human-devouring murderer. One of the two main characters, she lashes out at her male classmates after falling victim to a rock band. In a very satirical way, Jennifer’s body uses symbolism and a deliberately exaggerated tone to bring home themes of what it’s like to be and reach adulthood as a woman in modern society. It also manages to be a very funny movie – with a sharp wit and an irreverent dark comedy dotted throughout. It’s a solid watch for horror fans, especially those who like dark humor. Additionally, Fox’s casting as Jennifer’s body The bloodthirsty, intriguing and emotionally tasteless eponymous character is a perfect creative fit. This is perhaps his best performance to date and it really adds to the film’s distinct tone.

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