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Every Horror Movie Coming In Summer 2022

Since Fire starter for Nope, there’s a slew of promising summer 2022 horror movies hitting screens. Summer isn’t usually a time associated with horror movies, but a surprising number of the genre’s biggest hits have arrived at the sunniest time of year. All by Steven Spielberg Jaws to the original by Wes Craven Nightmare on Elm Street came out in the summer, proving that horror can excel even when the nights aren’t so long or dark.

Continuing that tradition, Summer 2022 promises a slate of awesome horror releases. From genre-bending sci-fi horror efforts to comedic slashers, summer 2022’s horror lineup is unpredictable. However, with horror heavyweights like David Cronenberg and Jordan Peele releasing their first films in years, one thing viewers can predict is that the summer of 2022 is bound to have no shortage of great horror movies.

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Stephen King’s adaptation Fire starter kicks off the summer horror release schedule in May and hope the high-profile release doesn’t repeat itself Pet sematary ‘s King makes mistakes when he arrives. After this sci-fi horror, June will see It follows star Maika Monroe returns to horror with Observer while the same month sees Jessie Buckley tormented by the titular menace of director Alex Garland’s enigmatic indie horror, Men. June will also see the arrival of the long-awaited return of David Cronenberg. Future Crimesa Palme d’Or contender, as well as Joe Hill’s adaptation of Scott Derrickson The black phone. July will be all about Jordan Peele Nope while August sees the arrival of a small indie slasher, Body Body Body. On top of all that, horror-centric streaming services like Shudder, Hulu, and Netflix will both be delivering a steady slew of new horror offerings throughout the summer.

Firestarter—May 13

2022 fire starter trailer

Fire starter is a remake of the 1984 sci-fi horror of the same name. Based on Stephen King’s novel, the story follows Charlie, a girl who is gifted (or cursed) with the ability to control fire via her emotions after a shady government organization experimented on her parents years earlier. A huge influence on Netflix stranger thingsthe original Fire starter is an uneven and serious thriller with undeniably gripping moments. However, if the trailer is anything to go by, this blockbuster starring Zac Efron will up the action quotient and add more gore to ensure 2022 Fire starter remake is a grittier, more impactful take on the familiar story.

Observer—June 3

Watcher Trailer - Maika Monroe

We don’t know much about Observer, directed by acclaimed newcomer Chloe Okuno. However, the terse synopsis of the film says that Observer follows Maika Monroe’s uneasy heroine, Julia, as she feels an unshakable feeling that she is being watched after moving to Bucharest with her boyfriend. Isolated and unable to speak the local language, Julia lives in fear of a local serial killer as she becomes increasingly suspicious of her creepy neighbor. It follows proved that Maika Monroe being stalked by an invisible force can make a classic horror movie, so expect Observer bring shades of Repulsion, don’t look nowand That cold day in the park when the film hits the screens.

Men—June 3

Men Trailer Jessie Buckley

Speaking of protagonists stalked by unseen threats, A24’s latest horror flick Men promises an equally disturbing viewing experience. Rory Kinnear, plays a variety of men Jessie Buckley’s troubled heroine encounters on a country vacation as she tries to come to terms with the death of her husband. If this latest offering from Alex Garland lives up to its trailer, Men will be a disturbingly cryptic nightmare of a film not to be missed – or quickly forgotten – by horror fans.

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Future Crimes — June 10

Léa Seydoux watches Viggo Mortensen in Future Crimes

The cast of 2022 Future Crimes single-handedly makes sci-fi horror an exciting prospect, as the film reunites Lea Seydoux, Viggo Mortensen, and Kristen Stewart in its twisted story. The plot, which revolves around a performance artist displaying his experimental body modifications in the near future, also feels crude and satirical. However, it is the fact that Future Crimes marks the return of legendary body-horror king David Cronenberg to the horror genre for the first time in twenty years, making the film a must-see cinematic event, even if it makes your stomach turn.

The Black Phone – June 24

Ethan Hawke in The Black Phone

Adapted from the short story of the same name by Joe Hill, director Scott Derrickson The black phone is the simple and chilling story of a child kidnapped by a serial killer and trying to escape from his underground lair. First projections marked The black phone a particularly terrifying and unbearably tense viewing experience, but only time will tell if Derrickson was able to flesh out the story from the sparse source material. Twice pushed back, The black phoneThe release date is now set for June 24.

No—July 22

No teaser Keke Palmer

Visionary horror director Jordan Peele returns to screens with Nope, and fans hoping to go into this one with an idea of ​​the film’s script will be deeply disappointed. The enigmatic trailer makes Nope resemble Cowboys and aliens updated for a 2022 audience, but knowing Peele there will be more twists and surreal satirical weirdness beneath that facade. After the success of the director’s last two entries in the genre, expect Nope to be one of the most talked about horror releases of the year.

Body Body Body — August 5

Body Body Body - Pete Davidson

A24 Body Body Body looks like a more accessible horror release than the distributor’s usual fare. A slasher comedy, Body Body Body hopes to combine gory horror with sharp satirical wit as the film tells the story of a group of dysfunctional enemies who begin to die one by one during a remote weekend getaway. Whether Body Body Body will be able to repeat the success of the slasher hit of the year Scream 2022however, remains to be seen.

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Hypochondriac — July 29

Hypochondriac 2022

A horror film that explores themes of mental illness, Hypochondriac follows a young potter whose seemingly happy life with his loving boyfriend is turned upside down when his estranged mother resurfaces. Expect a Hereditary/Relic-style fusion of horror and drama like Hypochondriacwhose impressive cast includes TV veterans Paget Brewster and Madeline Zima, sends its hero plummeting into the depths with a powerful depiction of the haunting side effects of trauma.

Summer 2022 Horror VOD Releases

The cinema isn’t the only place for new horror releases in the summer of 2022. Shudder will be releasing Sadness, a controversial horror that’s already infamous on the festival circuit thanks to the film’s intense gore. Host followed by director Rob Savage DASH CAM will also arrive on VOD alongside the Spanish sci-fi horror The passenger, both of which tell two very different stories of rideshare drivers picking up mystery women at night and living to regret the decision. The disturbing indie also arrives on VOD She goeswith Alice Krige and Malcolm McDowell, the tragic horror thriller Shepherdled by rising star Tom Hughes, and the mysterious neon lights, where guests to an off-grid family reunion start disappearing one by one. August will see Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth team up for the disturbing Resurrectiona chilling psychological thriller that may not have the multiplex reach of Fire starter and Nope but will always be a chill horror movie summer 2022 offer according to the first reviews.

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