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Each horror movie icon will receive a Bishoujo action figure

Japanese company Kotobukiya has turned many horror movie icons into “Bishoujo” statues, including Pinhead from Hellraiser and Michael Myers from Halloween.

Here are all the horror movie icons to receive the Bishoujo treatment of figures. The ’80s were a particularly busy time for the horror genre, which spawned many franchises and classic villains. The most notable include Friday 13, which introduced fans of the genre to Jason Voorhees, Camp Crystal Lake’s invincible slasher. by Wes Craven freddie marked the debut of Freddy Krueger, a killer who stalked teenagers in their dreams, while that of Clive Barker hellraiser had the Demonic Cenobites, led by the now iconic “Lead Cenobite”, AKA Pinhead (who took MANY forms).

Advances in special effects and makeup over the decade made it a very creative time for horror, but the glut of slasher sequels led to audience burnout. This could explain why the first half of the 90s was a barren period for the genre, although the success of Yell and other movies helped him make a comeback. Classic franchises are also back in fashion, thanks to the success of films like Halloween 2018 Where Scream 2022.


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Some horror fans like to collect detailed toys from their favorite series, so there’s no shortage of statues of Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees. However, one of the most unique ranges of horror movie action figures to emerge is Kotobukiya Bishoujo Horror Figures. “Bishoujo” translates to “beautiful” or “pretty girl,” and these characters transform famous horror characters into glamorous female characters. Here is every horror movie icon to receive a Bishoujo Horror Figure.

Bishoijo Freddy Krueger Action Figure
  • Freddy Kruger – freddie
  • Leatherface- Chainsaw Massacre
  • Beetle juice – beetle juice
  • Ash Williams – Evil Dead 2: Dead at Dawn
  • Chucky- Child’s play
  • Tiffany- Chucky’s bride
  • Jason voorhees- Friday 13
  • Pennywise- THIS
  • Michael Myers- Halloween
  • Edward – Edward Scissorhands
  • Lucy – ghost hunters
  • Pinhead – Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth

Some of these horror icons fit the Bishoujo horror figure concept quite well, and it would be easy to imagine Clive Barker himself endorsing the Pinhead designed for the Hellraiser 3 law. Of course, making these characters “beautiful” obviously robs them of any inherent threat as well. It’s also overkill to label characters like Edward Scissorhands as a horror star on par with Leatherface or Freddy Krueger.

ghost hunters devotees may also notice that “Lucy” from ghost hunters is part of the line. In the Bishoujo line of horror figures, Lucy is a unique character and is a new recruit to the titular team who has not appeared in any of the ghost hunters movies. Several of the figures also come with alternate designs, with the Bishoujo The Leatherface statue – which comes complete with a skin mask – having a “dancing” version that depicts the character’s famous final scene from the 1974 original.

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