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Dolph Lundgren returns to directing new Wanted Man action flick

Expendables star Dolph Lundgren will direct and star in an upcoming action film, Wanted Man, which tells the story of internal work at the DEA.

Dolph Lundgren is back in action, this time behind the camera as the director of Wanted man. Best known for playing in Rocky IV and Creed II Like Ivan Drago, the action star has been a staple of the genre for years with roles in films like universal soldier, The Expendables, Masters of the Universe, and Johnny Mnemonic, among many others. After what some saw as a drought marked by multiple live video releases, Lundgren has recently seen a comeback with Consumables 4 and the Aquaman movies.

Deadline reports that Lundgren also has a return as a director in the works with an upcoming government action film Wanted man. Lundgren co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Worth and will star in the film as well. The government intrigue action flick involves a cartel, inside work, and a conflicting cop. Wanted man will be produced by Millennium Media with Avi Lerner, Boaz Davidson and Trevor Short as executive producers and Jeffrey Greenstein and Jonathan Yunger as producers. Film on Wanted man is currently scheduled for February 2022.


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This will be Lundgren’s eighth completion project, perhaps with the most potential to date. In the 2000s, Lundgren made a series of films he also starred in, most of which were broadcast live on video. In 2020, Lundgren returned to the director’s chair to Castle falls, a financial action thriller that saw Lundgren re-team with Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon costar and fellow martial artist Scott Adkins. Production has stalled due to COVID-19, and the film is currently on track for release on December 3, 2021.

Here is the synopsis for Wanted man, by deadline:

When a cartel shootout kills several DEA agents, an aging police officer must track down an eyewitness and escort him across the border. But when they learn that the attack was carried out by American forces, he must decide who to trust.

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