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Disney Princess Snow White Live-Action Movie Updates Tease Star

According to lead actress Rachel Zegler, Disney’s upcoming live-action Snow White will update the iconic princess and turn her into more of a heroine.

Rachel Zegler, the star of the next Disney live-action White as snow, teases how the film updates the classic princess. Snow White has been reimagined and rebooted many times over the years, and the latest version of the benevolent but sleeping princess will come from the studio whose initial portrayal of her is the most iconic. After having done Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs its first animated film in 1937, Disney revisits the story for its latest live-action adaptation. White as snow has been in development for several years now, but production only recently began with director Marc Webb at the helm.

West Side Story breakout Zegler will take on the title role, making it his final high-profile project alongside this December. Shazam: Fury of the Gods. Gal Gadot plays the Evil Queen, while theater vet Andrew Burnap will play the male lead. It has been noted that his character is not the Prince, nor the Hunter, but rather a new creation. Live action White as snow should be a unique reimagining of the classic fairy tale, which of course revolves around a beautiful princess who falls prey to a poisoned apple.

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The feeling that White as snow will take a new approach to the oft-told story was echoed by Zegler when speaking to PA Entertainment on the Grammys red carpet. With production currently underway, Zegler explained how the film updated Snow White for modern audiences. She gave particular credit to Webb, who she says is motivated to give her daughter an empowering hero. Zeger said:

Well, I mean, it’s an iconic cartoon, it’s 85 years old, and Marc Webb – our director – is so dedicated to making a princess-heroine for his daughter. And I really love that sentiment, and I hope it’s echoed for eternity when we do live-action versions of those Disney cartoons where women are seen as a bit less than the male characters. I just think it’s possible to be a princess and a hero, and I love being both.

Disney’s various efforts to turn its most iconic princesses into live-action form have updated every character in vital ways, with Mulan getting perhaps the biggest changes yet with her 2020 film. like Mulan and Aladdin‘s Jasmine already have challenging beats built into their arcs, early Disney princesses like Snow White tend to be weaker. However, Zegler’s promise that live action White as snow will make her both a princess and a heroine makes the overall perspective of the film all the more exciting.

However, the idea of ​​a stronger Snow White might call to mind the much-maligned 2021 Cinderella, a film starring Camila Cabello who has been jokingly referred to as the “girlboss” version of the princess. It’s true that movies today often take a very hard-line approach to their feminism, and we just have to hope that White as snow will have a more nuanced touch. Webb wants to give his young daughter an impressive role model, and that’s an admirable goal. If Zegler is excited about it, then we can be too.

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Source: PA Entertainment/Twitter

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