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Cinedigm Horror Film ‘Incarnation’ Summons the Demon Mammon

Based on the legendary demon MammonCinedigm horror movie Incarnation talk about something evil next month, and today we have the official trailer as well as posters.

Featuring Taye Digg, Jessica Uberuaga and Michael MadsenCinedigm’s Incarnation will arrive in theaters and on VOD on February 18. Check out your first look below.

“A throwback to the popular haunted house subgenre, Incarnation revolves around a young couple in pursuit of the American dream. Brad (Diggs) and Jess (Uberuaga) move to Los Angeles in search of a better life. When they stumble upon a hidden gem of real estate, run by laid-back owner Peter (Madsen), they are thrilled with their turn of fortune. But their ideal home hides a secret far more sinister than they could have ever imagined, as the very walls are alive with an ancient evil, and they soon learn that greed comes at a high price.

Incarnationco-written and directed by isaac walch, summons the sin of greed in this dark story of desire. Tyler Clair Smith also co-wrote the film. The film’s executive producers include Garrett Zinke, Ryan McDonald, Martin Andrew Lyon, Glen D Smith, Gary Smith, Gary Smith Jr, Asko Akopyan, Uberuaga, Diggs, Sandra Siegal, Eric Brenner, Lake Garner, Jerry Tankersley, Grant Guthrie and Michael Walker. , with Mike Hatton as producer.