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China O’Brien (1990) Revisited: Action Movie Review

Welcome to Reel Action, where we pay homage to some of the best action movies and action stars of all time. And that includes some that some of you may not have heard of, but definitely should. One of them is my favorite ass eater of all time, the original Atomic blonde herself and West Hong Kong’s first superstar Cynthia Rothrock. And if she had a magnum opus, it’s the 90s China O’Brnothing.

The 5-foot-3 Rothrock was and still is a real badass. In the 1980s, she was an undefeated fighting champion, winning five black belts in more styles than I have toes. But it was in Hong Kong that she decided to try her hand at acting and became an instant hit when she teamed up with the great Michelle Yeoh in a crime film. Yes Madam! She worked with all the greats of the time, from Gordon Liu to influential director Corey Yuen, passing by Andy Lau, Sammo Hung and even Jackie Chan. But it was when his studio Golden Harvest decided to make Rothrock a star in America that things took off.

China OBrien, a clever piece on Rothrock’s eastern / western backstory, would see her united with writer / director Robert Clouse, famous for directing Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, Gymkata and Game of death (which was so bad we did a WTF happened to this movie about it). Get the inside scoop on this underrated and underrated kung fu movie classic! And hey, if you like it there’s even a sequel – China O’Brien 2! Get all the scoops here!

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