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Charlize Theron to Star in Ghostbusters Director’s New Netflix Fantasy Movie

After last year’s resounding success The old guard and its upcoming sequel, Charlize Theron is once again teaming up with netflix for another of the streaming giant’s main original films. This time, the South African actress is expected to star in Paul Feig’s film The school of good and evil, a YA fantasy film based on Soman Chainani’s bestselling novel series.

Feig confirmed the news on Twitter this Friday, revealing that Kerry Washington has signed up to appear alongside Theron. “I know which school I’m applying to!” The director said in his tweet. “So excited to welcome Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington to the School for Good and Evil! Everyone, get ready to go to school! The attached image makes it clear that Theron and Washington will be playing two teachers at the School of Magic – Lady Lesso and Professor Dovey.

The School of Good and Evil follows best friends Sophie and Agatha as they begin attending the titular school, a place where ordinary boys and girls are trained to become fairytale heroes and villains. Sophie, who dreams of being a princess, intends to join the school of good while Agatha, a goth with a window cat, intends to join the school of evil. However, the pair are ultimately signed up the other way around, causing them to question each other and their friendship.

Sounding like a mix of high sky, by Disney descent and Harry Potter (particularly The cursed child), Netflix could have another huge hit with younger audiences here. It also follows their current obsession with doing Hogwarts-type fantasy school projects – see: Destiny: The Winx Saga and The Addams Family reboot Wednesday.

netflix would be moving forward with The Old Guard 2, with Theron, while Washington was just seen in the streamer-nominated musical Prom. And as for Paul Feig, he’s developing a monster movie black army for Universal.