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Cam Gigandet and Jason Patric set to star in action movie Shrapnel

Twilight star and Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse actor Cam Gigandet and Narc’s Jason Patric are set to star together in the action flick Shrapnel.

Ancient Dusk villain and star of Tom Clancy without remorseCam Gigandet, joined Narcfrom Jason Patric in the upcoming action thriller, Shrapnel. The film is directed by William Kaufman, who has previously directed films such as One in the bedroom with Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. Shrapnel is written by Johnny Walters and prolific screenwriter Chad Law, who recently penned Section Eightwith Mickey Rourke, and Curfew with Frank Grillo. Kaufman and Law have previously collaborated on several other films, including end of day.

According to Deadline, Shrapnel is currently in production and filming is underway. The film would focus on the character of ex-Marine Sean, who is fueled by an unstoppable rage after his daughter disappears while attending a party just south of the US-Mexico border. Soon, Sean and his former war buddy are ready to take on a powerful drug cartel to find his daughter. Producers of the action movie are Elias Axume of Premiere Entertainment and Al Bravo of Al Bravo Films. Al Bravo Films recently completed production of Skeletons in the closetfeaturing Empireit’s Terence Howard.

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Patric recently starred in Demian Bichir A circus story and a love song with Eva Longoria and Diane Kruger, and is known for the cult classic film, the lost boys. Meanwhile, Gigandet will next appear in an action thriller, six deepand violent night with stranger things‘David Harbour. Given the pedigree of genre talent, writing and directing about Shrapnelit looks like action movie fans will probably be delighted.

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Source: Deadline

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