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“Better Be Careful”: Unwrap a Complicated Christmas Horror Movie [Young Blood]

The multiplayer horror game Death by the light of day is fast becoming the home of nearly every major fictional murderer in history. We have already had tastes Leatherface, Michael Myers, Pyramid Head, and the lesser version of a Freddy krueger. Not to mention a plethora of characters and franchise locations such as Resident Evil, Saw, evil Dead, and Strange things. There’s no doubt that by the time this game hits its 20th anniversary, we’ll be at the stage where something as relatively niche as a Dr Laugh Where Demonic wind the expansion will be announced.

But even with the recent announcement that Sadako Ringu ramp on our screens to reach the Death by the light of day killer club, there are a few more notable terrors that could still join the roster. So I came up with six suggestions for the future Death by the light of day additions based on horror franchises and the killers, locations, and maybe even survivors they would bring.

Don’t let me have fun though, tell us what your dream is Death by the light of day crossover would be in the comments section below!

Child’s Play (Chucky)

Apart from Friday 13by Jason Voorhees or psychopathby Norman Bates, Chucky by Don Mancini Child’s play is probably the last big slasher icon not already in Death by the light of day, and for various reasons, the doll that holds the murderous essence of criminal Charles Lee Ray appears to be the best of the three.

For starters, its small size would bring new excitement to the hunt. Of course, there are stealthy types already out there, but Chucky could pounce on unsuspecting survivors practically inches away before being spotted. I also like to imagine her using her Good Guy doll voice as a decoy to panic survivors and make them make deadly mistakes.

Also, wouldn’t it be great to have a scene in the Good Guy factory? And why not have alternate skins that also bring in Tiffany and Glenda?


Part of me wanted to go for Trick or treatsis Sam, but the more I thought of Mike Dougherty’s 2015 Festive Delight Krampus, the more it seemed like the smarter choice for Death by the light of day.

Its chains would be a formidable multifaceted weapon. Not only to help trap the survivors himself, but maybe send his elves, gingerbread creatures, and even this insanely gruesome jack-in-the-box monster to do the dirty work for him.

The other advantage of having Krampus? We could have a truly wintery card that could end up being a Christmas favorite for DBD players. Maybe add a Toni Collette survivor to sweeten the deal, right?


Tony Todd’s hypnotic performance as the vengeful spirit, dripping with bees, is undoubtedly a big part of why this character is a horror icon, but so much of it. Candy could bring to the table in Death by the light of day lies in what this character is capable of and the weapon he wields in that gnarled hook.

Imagine a swarm of bees alerting you to its presence just as you are about to repair that last generator, hearing the buzz becoming almost deafening as it creeps closer and closer. Before you know it, you can barely see through the swarm, and that’s when it hits …

If the game could recreate this bewildering, flippant way Candyman assassinates those who are foolish enough to pronounce his name five times and inform him of the survivors’ lawsuits, it would be truly terrifying to face.

The Blair Witch Project (The Blair Witch)

Death by the light of dayThe original killer of The Hag kind of makes a Witch Blair thing, and I already have qualms about showing too much of the creature to begin with, but part of me entertains the idea of ​​a Death by the light of day killer whom you rarely see, but who continually confuses you, dividing the group with her power and only ever being sighted briefly as she catches you.

I even think it would be cool if she made you drag yourself to the hook in a trance state. As for the source of his power of influence in the game and his potential stopping point? It must be those scary little stickmen she loves to do, right?

As for a survivor to compliment the Witch Blair? Well let’s give Heather another chance to get out of the woods.

Dracula (Count Dracula)

There’s a point to be made for any of the classic monsters appearing in the game, but think about what tips the most famous vampire could bring to Death by the light of day! That mesmerizing gaze, this ability to metamorphose into a wolf or bat, and even the personal catharsis of effectively betting certain humans for a change by throwing them on the sacrificial hooks.

I’m sure the entity wouldn’t mind if he took a small drink of his victims before hanging them too. Maybe it could stun them enough that they didn’t fight so hard to get by?

Most of the time, I just want a map of Dracula’s castle and a survivor from Mina Harker to go with it.


Even a horror-laden game like Death by the light of day Can’t escape the towering presence of a Marvel Bond forever, and if you absolutely had to, then who better than a serial killer like Cletus Kasady and his symbiotic murder buddy Carnage?

Carnage’s ability to morph would be ideal for playing with survivors, and the fact that you have to dodge his deadly blast and spike projections means that it might already be too late to escape by the time you surrender. realize that the person in front of you was not who you thought they were.

There would also be some really cool alternate skins for Carnage, like the recent version of the movie (played by Woody Harrelson and a CGI Cargo) and the pre-King in black Absolute carnage comic race.