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Best romance movie remakes, ranked from worst to best

Sometimes it feels like all the box office produced are remakes, but romance remakes, in particular, are all the rage right now. From TikTok’s disappointing update on He is all that recently announced Bodyguard remake, it’s definitely a good time to revisit some of our favorite love stories. While many remakes fail to improve upon the original, some remakes of classics end up becoming classics themselves. Below, we rank ten of the best romance remakes from worst to greatest.RELATED: From ‘The Corner Shop’ to ‘You’ve Got Mail’: An Adaptation’s Evolution

10. The Last Kiss

Written by Oscar-winner Paul Hagis and led by Scandal alum Tony Goldwyn, the last kiss was a remake of the Italian film The ultimate bacio. Zach Braff stars as a guy who begins to feel trapped by his longtime pregnant girlfriend (Jacinda Barrett) and seeks the company of a younger woman (Rachel Bilson). Even outside of the remake aspect, it’s not the most original plot. But there’s a solid supporting cast and, like all Braff films, an excellent independent soundtrack.


9. The Lake House

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves reunited for the first time since Speed — with less successful results — in this remake of the South Korean film He Mare. No doubt these two had chemistry, but they spend most of the movie apart, writing long love letters through time. The film engages with the magical time-travel premise of the original, even if its logic left something to be desired. But if you ignore the timey-wimey bits, it’s a decent long-distance romance.

8. Shall we dance?

Shall we dance? failed to live up to the success of its Japanese counterpart, which won numerous awards in its home country, in part because it lacked cultural context. (The original explains that ballroom dancing was frowned upon in Japan, adding tension to the protagonist’s journey.) Still, the American version has a strong cast led by Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopezand Susan Sarandonand did a great job conveying the story’s message about free speech.

7. Daughter of the Valley (2020)

Featuring Jessica Rothe (happy day of the dead) and Josh White House (the next Daisy Jones and the six TV adaptation) the 2020 remake put a spin on the ’80s classic by turning it into a jukebox musical, complete with period-appropriate tunes like “We Got The Beat” and “Under Pressure.” He may not have a young Nicholas Cage in mind, but the nostalgia-laden musical has its charms (Jacques-Paul notwithstanding).

6. About Last Night (2014)

This 2014 remake updated the 80s Brat Pack entry with a predominantly black cast – what might be called the Packer Pack, as several of the tracks have appeared in other Packer– produces movies. The result is a fun, modern take on the source material (which actually goes back to the stage, with David Mametit’s playing sexual perversity in chicago) backed by great comedic performances by Kevin Hart and Regina Room.

5. Sabrina (1995)

Any remake would struggle to top an original with a cast like Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogartand William Holden. While the 1995 film inevitably suffered in comparison, the Harrison Ford-the directed romance is perfectly enjoyable on its own and features the first movie of Greg Kinnerwho would go on to have a very productive career in romance.

4. A star is born (2018)

When it comes to A star is bornyou can pick your poison, with four all-star cast versions to choose from dating back to 1937. That said, the 2018 remake starring Lady Gaga and bradley cooper (who also co-wrote and directed the film) was a phenomenon in his own right and managed to stand on his own despite the familiar story. Adding to the success, the original tracks written by Gaga (for which she followed in Barbra Streisandin the footsteps of to land the best original song at the Oscars).

3. You have mail

This beloved Nora Ephron the film is a 1940 remake Jimmy Stewart-LEDs The corner shop (which was also remade in 1949 as a musical, In the good old days of summerfeaturing Judy Garland). The romantic comedy, starring tom hank and Meg Ryan, preserves the main story with a twist: while all the films have an element of professional rivalry between the two secret pen pals, Ephron ratcheted up the tension by giving him leads at competing bookstores. Moreover, the premise worked perfectly at the dawn of the email age.

2. His girlfriend Friday

When we think of remakes, we usually think of modern updates to old classics. But some of the classics are actually remakes themselves, like His daughter Friday. The definitive goofy comedy came out nine years after the original, The first page (which was adapted from a 1928 play of the same name). His daughter Friday adds a romantic element to the original plot by making journalist Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell), the publisher’s ex-wife, Walter Burns (Cary Grant). As the two pursue the story of convicted murderer Earl Williams, Burns also pursues a relationship with his ex-wife – who is now engaged to another man. With superb performances and a new twist on the story, it’s one of the best remakes of all time in cinematic history.

1. Vacation (1938)

Georges Cukorone of the most famous directors of American cinema, had great success with adaptations and remakes (he directed the 1954 film A star is born with Judy Garland). During a long and rich career, Holiday is considered one of the best in Cukor. Compared to the 1930 version, this Holiday would have succeeded simply because cinema technology had improved and “talkies” were much smoother. But he also benefited from excellent leads in Cary Grant and Catherine Hepburn (their third of four confrontations), and of course, the management of Cukor. Who knew a remake would be considered one of the best movies of all time?

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