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Best Romance Film Directors, Ranked

Love them or hate them, romance movies are some of the most popular of all time. Whether quintessentially British, with Hugh Grant stumbling over flirtatious remarks, or more modern, they have plenty of appeal. Everyone knows the big stars of the genre, but fewer people know the directors who bring these movies to life. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of the best romance movie directors of all time.

seven Sharon Maguire

The director behind Bridget Jones Diary, Sharon Maguire is an icon of the novel genre. She then led the follow-up, Bridget Jones’ babyand is currently directing the film adaptation of Longbourna story by Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice. Maguire is said to have been the inspiration behind one of Bridget Jones franchise character, Shazzer.

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6 Mark Lawrence

Best known for his collaborations with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock, Mark Lawrence has achieved many romantic favorites. Of Two weeks notice at The rewrite, Lawrence has a knack for making movies with love at heart. More recently, he wrote and directed a holiday romantic comedy Noelle for Disney+ in 2019.

5 Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis is perhaps best known for his writing credits – these include beloved films like love in fact, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones Diary. However, his directing also shines. He’s the director behind a bizarre sci-fi-infused romance About time, a certified tearjerker who explores what love really means. Curtis is a master of romance with a quintessentially British lens and has been instrumental in creating some of the most beloved stories to ever hit the big screen.

4 Nancy Meyers

Nancy Meyers has made several genre-defining films over the course of her career, so it should come as no surprise that she made the list. Heartfelt holiday romantic comedy Vacations to light family films such as The parent trap, Meyers has found its place and is sticking to it. She redirects the male gaze to instead focus on the middle-aged women who are usually at the heart of the films she makes, something not often seen in the romance genre. His most recent credit is a short follow-up to the original two father of the bride movies.

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3 Howard Deutsch

Howard Deutsch is an illustrious director. He’s done everything from episodes of Young Sheldon to a Billy Idol music video in the 80s, but it’s his romance movies that stand out above the rest. He is the director of the 1986 teen romantic comedy Pretty in pinkand he followed that with A kind of wonderful. More recently, he led My best friend’s daughterand apart from the romantic genre, he will realize The Miller Boys, a drama about a group of friends. Deutch has made some of the most iconic romance movies of all time and brings honor to the genre.

2 Jon M Chu

Jon M Chu has made a wide range of films, with some of his early professional credits being documentaries and TV shows. More recently though, Chu has become a giant of the romance genre, with his most popular film to date being 2018’s stunning rom-com. boobies rich asian. His talent for getting to the heart of a story makes his films a real pleasure to watch, especially in this genre which is truly a matter of the heart. Over the next few years he should be a very busy man, being attached to the adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Nastywhich will be divided into two parts, and two other installments of the boobies rich asian story.

1 Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron was one of the most acclaimed directors in the history of the industry during her lifetime, and for good reason. His best films include Insomnia in Seattle, You’ve got mailand Julia and Julia. These romance films are the ones that shaped the genre and brought women to the fore when they would have been sidelined before. Along with her directing, she has also written some incredibly famous romance films including When Harry Met Sally. If anyone understood the key to the romance genre, it was Ephron.