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Ben Affflect to direct new Disney live-action fantasy film

The film will be a big screen adaptation of YA’s novel “Keeper of the Lost Cities”.


The name of the game for Ben affleck these days seem to have “kept busy” as he’s currently committed to directing a live-action fantasy movie at Disney. Affleck is already set to have a big 2021 with the upcoming release of Zack Snyder‘s Justice League on HBO Max. Beyond this year, Affleck has a plethora of film roles currently in various stages of production, from Deep waters at The last duel at Hypnotic. In addition, he is already ready to direct two films: the war drama Phantom army and an adaptation of Agatha christie‘s Prosecution witness.

Today by a Deadline exclusive, we learned that Affleck is also committed to directing a live-action adaptation of the fantasy novel Guardian of the Lost Cities. The book is the first in a popular YA series from the author Messenger Shannon. Guardian of the Lost Cities follows Sophie Foster, a telepathic girl who comes from another world and must discover the secrets of her abilities. Hollywood journalist Also notes Affleck with co-writing the script for Guardian of the Lost Cities with Kate gritmon, whose previous credits include Game of thrones and the Russel crowe movie The next three days.


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Affleck is a seasoned feature film director, but Guardian of the Lost Cities looks like it will be some refreshing new territory for him. To date, Affleck has found a comfort zone directing crime dramas and harsh thrillers. This movies – party baby party, Argo, The city, and Live the night have been received with mixed to positive results. Affleck taking the Disney route with a fantasy series should be a fun challenge for him and could lead to some interesting results in the end.

We will keep you posted Guardian of the Lost Cities as the details of the project evolve. In the meantime, discover our selection of the best films on Disney + and discover the latest novelties of the next Marvel Disney + series. WandaVision.

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