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Battlefield 2042 looks like a Michael Bay action flick in these incredible pieces

Battlefield 2042 has arrived in Early Access, and players have already made some very impressive games. The series is known for its open sandbox which can, and often does, lead to some wild and awe-inspiring Hollywood action movie-style moments. This is already proving true for Battlefield 2042.

We’re bringing together some of the best coins we’ve seen so far, and we’ll keep updating this article as we find more.

In this clip, player toku_u masterfully gets the fall on unsuspecting enemies by using a parachute to float in a snowy valley on the Breakaway map. On the ground safely, the player scores five perfect headshots in a row. They never saw it coming.

In this clip, user SpykeZim stumbles upon a tank atop a building and detonates explosive charges in a scene that looks like it came straight out of a Michael Bay movie.

This next piece isn’t really about skill, but rather shows a satisfying bug. The Battlefield 2042 hovercraft can apparently stick to walls and other objects in the environment, leading to some wacky and wonderful scenes.

In a very creative move, Reddit user SamTeeJayKay shows how it’s possible to attach C4 to drones and then fly them to enemy planes to detonate them from the sky.

Battlefield 2042 uses bots to fill matches in certain scenarios, and because they’re programmed the same way, apparently they run around and scatter like zombies in a horror movie. This video from Ao-letsgo shows what it looks like in action.

While Battlefield 2042 is enjoyed by many, the game hasn’t gone completely smoothly, as gamers are voicing concerns about missing features like the dashboard and voice chat.

The game is now available for owners of the Gold and Ultimate editions, and for those using the EA Play 10 hour trial. Full release is scheduled for November 19. For more, check out GameSpot’s guide to unlocking Battlefield 2042.

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