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Batman Beyond Star Wants Revival Series and Live-Action Movie

batman beyond star Will Friedle says he would like the series to be revived. The actor, who plays the title character and future Batman Terry McGinnis throughout the series, expressed his hopes for a follow-up while speaking with You can read what he said about a return to batman beyond below:

“One of the joys of being a voiceover actor is that your voice doesn’t necessarily age. It does age a bit, but you can be 45 and still play 17 if you can hit the register. It’s a character that’s so important to me, I would love to do more episodes. Not only because I know the fans would really love to see him, but a) I could get back in the cowl, which would be amazing and b) I would get to work with Kevin Conroy again. He and I are close friends and he’s such a wonderful actor and someone who’s been a mentor to this side of the acting industry. To know that we could sit down together again in the cabin would be phenomenal.

First broadcast in 1999, batman beyond picks up with the DC icon in 2039 and follows the adventures of Terry McGinnis, a teenager on the wrong side of the tracks, who is taken under the wing of an elderly, retired Bruce Wane. Much like his famous predecessor, Terry is driven by remorse and revenge, and after being given a high-tech bat suit, decides to use all the gadgets and training Bruce can throw at him to eliminate criminals in the tough, crime-ridden Neo-Gotham.


The series remains a fan favorite, and Friedle is absolutely right that audiences would love to see batman beyond back on screens all these years later.

The batman beyond The actor would like to see the series turned into a live-action release

Not only does Friedle support an animated revival, he also continues to support live action. batman beyond exit. Audiences have wanted to see the story told live for some time, with Michael Keaton returning to the likes of the flash and bat girl revive the idea with the Batman Strongly suggested star for the role of retired Bruce Wayne opposite Terry McGinnis’ new Dark Knight.

“You know, seeing a live-action version would be awesome. Just seeing the character again is awesome. He’s had such a rich life in the comic book world and I think he deserves to come back to the screen. in some form or another. At some point in the future, I’m sure he will. Who knows, but I have to imagine that they’ll end up making a movie or some other series. We kept hoping that we’ll be doing more since the day we finished work on Return of The Joker, so we’d like to see that finally happen.”

Voice actor Will Friedle isn’t the only one hoping for a batman beyond revival, with creator Bruce Timm having offered his support for the idea in the past. But, for now, the decision is in the hands of Warner Bros. Surely, with people like Batman: The Animated Series get a spiritual following in the form of Batman: Crusader Capedit can only be a matter of time before audiences are transported back to Gotham 2039.