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Batman Beyond: Live Action Movie Cast

After the success of The Batman and with two more portrayals of Batman appearing in the upcoming the flash, it seems that Warner Bros. gives the go-ahead to anything involving the Caped Crusader. Everything but batman beyond, It is. There have been a lot of fan requests for a live-action film adaptation of the beloved animated series over the years, and while it still succeeds in DC comic book form, viewers and readers are still waiting for an epic science fiction.

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Not only is the series interesting as it takes place in the future and follows Terry McGinnis under the watchful eye of an even more tortured Bruce Wayne, but it deftly mixes older characters with new ones. A batman beyond The movie could make for an amazing coming-of-age superhero movie, and it would be the perfect casting.

Nelson Nash – Jacob Elordi

Shared image of Nelson Nash in Batman Beyond and Jacob Elordi in Euphoria

Interestingly, Nelson Nash is voiced by a well-known actor who has a lot of movie roles, Seth Green. However, Green’s physical appearance has nothing to do with that of Nelson who is the token jock of Hamilton Hill High School and is always trying to steal Terry’s girlfriend.

Australian actor Jacob Elordi not only looks young for his age, but he’s also an idol, which is clearly seen in the Netflix film franchise. The kissing booth and in the HBO series Euphoria. It’s only a matter of time until he gets more attention and is inevitably cast in a huge blockbuster movie, and Nelson Nash would be the perfect vessel for his rise to that level.

Melanie Walker – Yari Shahidi

Split image of Melanie in Batman Beyond and Yari Shahidi in Black-ish

Melanie Walker is a teenager who goes to Hamilton Hill, but she is also part of a crime syndicate, the Royal Flush Gang, which is run by her family, and her name is Ten. In the series, Melanie and Terry bond over their complicated, alter-ego-filled lifestyles outside of school.

Although in a much more comedic way, Yari Shahidi’s character is in Blackish and Cultivated is full of similar themes about balancing one’s school life and professional life. And although most of the characters in batman beyond are too serious, Shahidi has excellent comedic timing and could bring some humor to the overly melodramatic Melanie.

Dana Tan – Mimi Keene

Shared image of Dana in Batman Beyond and Mimi Keane in Sex Education

As is the case with most characters who are the love interests of masked vigilantes, there is often tension in their relationships, and this is no more the case than with Dana Tan and Terry. But batman beyond handles teenage romance much better than most other movies or shows.

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Although there is a huge difference between cultures in British and American high schools, Mimi Keene plays Ruby Matthews, a high school girl from the hit Netflix series Sex education. Keene plays a popular but troubled kid perfectly and, after all, teenagers’ emotions and feelings are universal, regardless of nationality.

Derek Powers – Daniel Day-Lewis

Split image of Derek in Batman Beyond Daniel Day-Lewis in Phantom Thread

Realistically, it would probably be impossible to convince Daniel Day-Lewis to star in a superhero movie, because not only is he retired, but he’s only ever played characters in dramas. But if he were to star in a superhero movie, Derek Powers would be the perfect role for him. Powers is the evil and corrupt CEO of Wayne-Powers who killed Terry’s father, and Day-Lewis has always looked his best when playing exactly that type of character.

Whether it’s Daniel Plainview in there will be blood or charge the butcher in New York Gangs, no one can play a sociopathic murderer more convincingly than the famous actor. And although Day-Lewis is retired, he has already been convinced to come out of retirement, as Martin Scorsese lured him out of his Italian residence to play Bill the Butcher.

Maxine Gibson – Zendaya

Shared image of Maxine in Batman Beyond and Zendaya in Euphoria

Ned in Spider-Man: Homecoming coined the term “guy in the chair”, meaning the sidekick who does all the technical work for the superhero and usually addresses the hero through the earpiece. And that’s exactly the role that Maxine Gibson plays in batman beyond. She has genius intelligence and is also a very good fighter.

Zendaya’s name might come up a lot for casting choices given her current popularity, but she’s never really been involved in the action despite how many franchises she’s been in. Batman Beyond could be the very vehicle for that. And his major role in Batman Beyond might fit well with the director of the hypothetical film. People think batman beyond should be directed by Denis Villeneuve, and as the actor and the director worked together on Dunesthere’s a great working relationship ship there already, and they could bring out the best in each other in the futuristic sci-fi flick.

Barbara Gordon – Meryl Streep

Shared image of Barbara in Batman Beyond and Meryl Streep in Don't Look Up

Compared to the other newer and unreleased characters, Barbara Gordon’s name is more familiar to fans. She followed in her father’s footsteps and became a GCPD police commissioner, but not before being Batgirl. batman beyond sees the character in his final years as a commissioner.

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Alongside Daniel Day-Lewis, Meryl Streep could give a batman beyond adaptation the prestige and recognition it deserves. And unlike Day-Lewis, Streep has starred in franchise movies before and doesn’t always take herself so seriously that she wouldn’t consider a superhero movie. Not only that, but Streep and Day-Lewis never acted alongside each other, and batman beyond would be the perfect, if unlikely, film to see it happen.

Joker – Willem Dafoe

Shared image of Joker in Batman Beyond and Willem Dafoe in Spider-Man No Way Home

Even though it takes place in the future and is part of a timeline where the character died decades before, it wouldn’t be a Batman series without the Joker. Although there are plenty of great batman beyond episodes, the Joker actually appears in the amazing animated feature, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Just like he was in Batman: The Animated Series, batman beyond Joker is voiced by Mark Hamill and is a portrayal of the character many fans consider to be the best.

However, while there are many unique live-action portrayals of the villain, Willem Dafoe could deliver an incredible performance that’s actually based on the batman beyond representation. Dafoe’s devilish grin, lively gestures, and surprisingly agile way of moving are exactly how the Clown Prince of Crime acts in The return of the joker.

Bruce Wayne – Clint Eastwood

Shared image of Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond and Clint Eastwood in The Mule

Old Bruce Wayne is one of the elements of batman beyond that makes it better than Batman: The Animated Series. The older version of the character is very different from the younger version seen in The animated seriesbecause he is unwelcoming, angry and haunted by his demons.

Clint Eastwood has basically played this character for the past 30 years, and playing old Bruce Wayne could be something of a swansong for the beloved western actor. Eastwood’s brooding and uninviting behavior in movies like Gran Torino and Million dollar baby perfectly channel the Old Man Logan-style Bruce Wayne of batman beyond.

Terry McGinnisJoe Keery

Shared image of Terry in Batman Beyond and Joe Keery in Stranger Things

Although Terry isn’t as tortured as Bruce Wayne, he has his own demons and his father was murdered by a ruthless criminal. However, the teenager is different from Bruce in many ways and is very much his own character. Not only is Terry an athlete, an outcast, and a rebel, but he also has to keep up appearances in high school.

Even at 29, Joe Kerry looks like a high school student, but athletic and mature to boot. And it showed in stranger things how cool and smart a teenager he can play and who would be very successful if he wasn’t put on the wrong track.

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