Action movie

Atlas falls in an action movie. More details and images of the fantasy story RPG

Check out more details about the recently announced fantasy action-RPG Atlas Fallen, including some screenshots.

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 Interactive today announced that Atlas Fallen is an action fantasy movie.

As first revealed in Opening Night Live 2022’s Geoff Keighley, Atlas Fallen takes you on a journey through a semi-open world where ancient mysteries and threats await.

The new trailer will show you a glimpse of the ruined world covered in sand. Follow two mighty heroes in a merciless battle with magical creatures, using only their sand-like weapons to protect them.

Rise from the dust and free yourself from the oppression of the gods!

A timeless paradise filled with secrets, secrets and traces of the past awaits you. Slip on the sand. Defeat legendary monsters in fantasy battles. Try in the ground, create powerful weapons and build up your power and skills.

By drawing inspiration from your opponents, in a captivating story, or together in cooperative mode.

Come out of the dust. Immediately reverse the riot.

  • Be the best for the sands and explore a unique fantasy world filled with mysteries, locations, sunken relics and dangers.
  • Hunt your enemies through action-packed combat, without using legendary powers and without forgetting magic abilities, alone or with friends.
  • Reduce your strength to produce deadly shapeshifting weapons.
  • Become the ultimate champion with unique abilities and abilities.

The trailer is the first to be released.

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