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Arthur Creator wants to make an action movie with John Legend

Marc Brown, writer and creator of the beloved children’s TV series, reveals he wants an action movie starring singer John Legend.

The creator of the beloved children’s animated television series, arthur, Marc Brown, has revealed that he would be open to developing an action feature with John Legend in the lead role. Originally premiering in 1996, the series became the longest-running animated children’s series after spending 25 years on the air, spending a quarter of a century educating young people. arthur finally ended on February 21, 2022, after 25 consecutive seasons.

arthur follows the titular anthropomorphic aardvark as he navigates educational adventures through his daily life, interacting with his many friends and family members. The main cast has fluctuated heavily throughout the series’ long runtime due to the growth of child voice actors, however, more recent cast members have included Roman Lutterotti, Ethan Pugiotto, Evan Blaylock , Arthur Holden, Joanna Noyes, AJ Henderson and Jessie Kardos. The series has also seen many popular guest stars appear due to its popularity, including Jane Lynch, Matt Damon, Joan Rivers, Larry King, the Backstreet Boys, and even Brown himself.


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In an interview with THRBrown talked all about the long run arthur is finally coming to an end and the hope he has for possible future projects. In detail, the writer talked about a potential live-action feature film in the works and moving fast after a previous live-action attempt several years ago failed. Additionally, Brown also revealed that he would personally like Legend to be involved in the film if he were to choose someone, coming after the various memes that have arisen from Legend’s resemblance to the character. Read the author’s comments below:

There could be a feature film in the works soon too, on arthur. I’m so excited. (Laughs.) There was one maybe 15 years ago, and the right people weren’t getting together, so I unplugged. But now we have a great idea. I think it will intrigue the children. It will be useful for children. The topic is very timely, and maybe there’s even a really interesting person involved… I mean, if I could pick one person I’d like to be part of this project, it might be John Legend.

Arthur Read, 28, at PBS Arthur's Sugar Bowl

In 2017, many nostalgic fans of the anime series suddenly began to realize that the singing legend almost looked eerily similar to the animated aardvark. After the meme quickly gained notoriety on Twitter, Legend even began to adopt it, dressing up as the character and recreating the infamous Arthur “angry fist” meme that had also become popular starting on the show. Legend’s own wife, Chrissy Teigen, also joined after appearing in a commercial alongside the singer for GoogleDuo, where the singer once again dressed up as the character.

With a live-action adaptation of this iconic series confirmed by the series’ original creator, there’s no doubt childhood fans of the original will tune in to watch Arthur’s live-action outing. Additionally, the casting of Legend, who gained notoriety for his uncanny resemblance, would bring even more viewers into the film, recreating a popular meme on the big screen. For now, fans will just have to wait to see if the live action arthur receive more news in the future.

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