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Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie review

In many ways, the 1996s Gum marked the end of the “classic” era of Arnold Schwarzenegger action films. After his release, he would infamously appear as Mr. Freeze in batman and robin, before taking a few years off. He would reappear in 1999 with a new series of action films, none of which managed to recapture the days when Arnie was arguably the biggest movie star in the world. However, when Gum Released in theaters in the summer of 1996, no one was bigger.

Schwarzenegger came out of real lies when he signed to do Gum, in which he would play another larger-than-life character, U.S. Marshal John Kruger, the titular “Eraser” who erases the identities of people entering witness protection. If they are found by the people hunting them, Kruger is here to serve justice. Here, he would be paired with former Miss America Vanessa Williams, with the legendary James Caan playing his mentor-turned-nemesis. The mask director Chuck Russell would direct, and no expense was spared in order to turn it into an action extravaganza that would appeal to Arnie fans – and they mostly showed up in droves with this his latest big hit (though on domestically, his performance was considered a bit soft in comparison to his other films).

In this episode of Reel Action, written and narrated by Travis Hopson, editing by EJ Tangonan, produced by Adam Walton and produced by Berge Garabedian, we dive into one of Arnie’s last great actors. Watch the previous episodes below and let us know what you think Gum!